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Meta’s Threads Surges to 100 Million Users in Less Than a Week

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Threads, the Twitter competitor developed by Meta, is off to an impressive start. Just four days after its launch on Wednesday evening, the app has already surpassed 100 million users, according to Quiver Quantitative’s Threads Tracker. The seamless integration with Instagram, which boasts over a billion users, has undoubtedly contributed to this rapid adoption, except for users residing in the European Union who are currently unable to access the app.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has been providing updates on the number of Threads users. Within the first seven hours, the app garnered 10 million users, and by Thursday morning, that number had exceeded 30 million. Approximately 24 hours later, the user base had more than doubled.

Despite the significant user growth, Threads is still in its early stages and lacks fundamental features that many users consider essential. Currently, it offers limited accessibility options, with no capability to add alt text to images for screen reader users. The search function is restricted to usernames, and the app does not support hashtags or posting from the web.

One notable aspect that may disappoint Twitter users is the absence of a chronological feed on Threads. The algorithmic feed primarily showcases brands, influencers, and celebrities, making it challenging for users to stay updated on their friends and family’s posts. However, a chronological feed is in development. In the meantime, Twitter remains the preferred platform for real-time news for many individuals.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, acknowledged that politics and hard news would inevitably surface on Threads, just as they have to some extent on Instagram. However, he clarified that the intention of Threads is not to replace Twitter. Mosseri emphasized that while politics and hard news are significant, the potential benefits in terms of engagement or revenue are not worth the associated scrutiny, negativity, and integrity risks. He believes that Threads can thrive by fostering vibrant communities focused on various topics such as sports, music, fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

Quiver Quantitative’s Threads Tracker utilizes data extracted from Instagram users’ profiles, as explained by Christopher Kardatzke, the co-founder of the tool. By examining the profiles of new joiners, Kardatzke can estimate their position in the user queue and obtain a general overview of the total sign-ups. He mentioned that his estimations align with Zuckerberg’s posts about user milestones on Threads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about user milestones

Q: How many users has Meta’s Threads app gained in under a week?

A: Meta’s Threads app has acquired over 100 million users within just four days of its launch.

Q: What is the reason behind the rapid adoption of Threads?

A: The integration of Threads with Instagram, which boasts a user base of over a billion, has contributed to its swift adoption.

Q: What are some missing features in Threads?

A: Currently, Threads lacks essential features such as alt text for images, hashtag support, and the ability to post from the web.

Q: Does Threads have a chronological feed?

A: No, Threads currently does not have a chronological feed. The algorithmic feed primarily showcases brands, influencers, and celebrities.

Q: Is Threads intended to replace Twitter?

A: No, according to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, Threads is not meant to replace Twitter. It aims to focus on vibrant communities centered around various topics.

Q: How does Quiver Quantitative’s Threads Tracker estimate the number of users?

A: The Threads Tracker tool utilizes data from Instagram users’ profiles to estimate the number of sign-ups and aligns with Mark Zuckerberg’s posts about user milestones.

Q: Are politics and hard news encouraged on Threads?

A: Adam Mosseri states that while politics and hard news may naturally appear on Threads, the platform does not seek to promote those verticals. It aims to avoid the associated risks and negativity.

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