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Microsoft Brings Bing’s AI Chatbot to iOS and Android: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft has added some new Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to its popular keyboard app, SwiftKey. This app already helps you type faster by learning how you write and making suggestions for you automatically. There’s also a Bing button in the top left corner of your keyboard that gives you three choices: Search, Tone, and Chat.

If you want to know which dessert is the best one to pair with lasagna, just type it in the search box when you are talking to someone. The chatbot can suggest responses that make sense in relation to your messages or emails. Tone also matters if you need to reply to a work email and make it look more professional.

SwiftKey can be used as the default keyboard in apps on iOS and Android devices, like social media and email. That means if an app allows it, you can use SwiftKey. It has cool features like correcting spelling mistakes, saving tasks, and personalizing the toolbar. On the left of the keyboard there’s a Bing button that suggests words as you type them.

SwiftKey can understand up to five different languages. Microsoft also made updates to their translation services in the Bing App. If you need to translate something from English into French, Spanish or Italian, it will show you both the masculine and feminine versions of words instead of making guesses.

Bing has been added to SwiftKey, just like other Microsoft programs such as Skype and Microsoft Start. With Skype, you can message Bing directly either in a group chat or one-to-one. On the other hand, Microsoft Start allows you to access Bing from any app.

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