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Microsoft is already offering a generative AI certification program

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Microsoft has launched a generative AI certification program, providing an opportunity for workers to gain skills in this rapidly evolving field. The program, offered through LinkedIn, offers free coursework and certification, aiming to help individuals adapt to the integration of generative AI into various industries. Despite the simplicity of using generative AI, the courses will offer valuable insights and tips on effective content creation and prompt composition, especially for beginners. Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative, a part of their Skills for Jobs program, will initially be available in English, with plans to expand to other languages in the future.

In addition to the certification program, Microsoft has also introduced a trainer toolkit designed for educators, providing downloadable content and a dedicated AI course for teachers and trainers. Furthermore, Microsoft is actively promoting inclusivity and diversity through their Generative AI Skills Grant Challenge. This initiative, in collaboration with data.org, Microsoft’s AI for Good Lab, and GitHub, aims to empower historically marginalized populations by exploring and implementing generative AI training opportunities within nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and academic institutions. Grant recipients will receive financial support, group learning experiences, data training, and access to Microsoft events and cloud-computing resources. Applications for the grant program are now open until August 15th.

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