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Microsoft Teams Brings the Future of Video Chat: Snapchat AR Lenses

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Microsoft and Snap have joined forces to bring Snapchat Lenses to Teams! The next time you’re on a video call with friends or coworkers, you’ll be able to choose from 26 fun Lenses. You can make yourself look like a cartoon character, add excitement with virtual snow and backgrounds to your webcam. Just make sure you don’t accidentally leave the Lens active when your conversation gets too serious.

Snapchat and Microsoft have made a library of special effects called Lenses for their Teams app. You can access the Lenses by selecting “Video Effects” then Snapchat in Teams. The Lenses are rolling out to everyone today, so most users will get access soon!

Companies used to Snap’s Camera Kit (a special kit for developers) to get its augmented reality technology into Microsoft Teams. Before doing this, Microsoft already used Camera Kit in the Flip video learning platform to give students prompts and try to initiate discussions among them. According to what Snap said, since adding integration on Flip, students and teachers have been posting videos more willingly by 60 percent.

Before this year, Snap had an app called ‘Snap Camera’ that made it possible for people to use special lenses in video calls with other people. But unfortunately, Snap had to shut down the app earlier in 2020.

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