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Microsoft’s Acquisition of ZeniMax Makes New Indiana Jones Game an Xbox Exclusive

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The impact of Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax on cross-platform game releases has become evident, raising concerns that gamers might miss out on significant titles. During an inquiry by a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawyer regarding the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal, Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda, revealed that ZeniMax had initially struck a deal with Disney to launch MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game on multiple consoles. However, following Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax, the agreement was modified to make it exclusively available on Xbox consoles.

The FTC also believes that Bethesda’s highly anticipated sci-fi adventure, Starfield, was originally planned for release on the PlayStation 5 before the Microsoft buyout. Additionally, Bloomberg previously reported that Bethesda had canceled the PlayStation version of Redfall, although the underwhelming response to the vampire shooter somewhat lessened concerns.

Hines claims that Indiana Jones became an exclusive title due to the stipulations of the Disney license. The project received extensive feedback from Disney, which constrained the development timeline. Making it an Xbox exclusive ensured the game stayed on track while providing a clearer direction, according to the Bethesda executive. On the other hand, games like Starfield and Redfall are original IPs.

We have reached out to Bethesda for comment. In 2021, Xbox chief Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft’s ownership of ZeniMax would result in “great exclusive games.” Some titles that were still in progress at the time, including Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, were still set to be released on PlayStation due to existing contractual obligations.

While these revelations may not definitively support the FTC’s efforts to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, they raise concerns about players missing out on high-profile games that were originally intended for their preferred gaming platform. Microsoft has made assurances about continuing to release the Call of Duty franchise on multiple platforms in an attempt to secure regulatory approval. However, this might not alleviate concerns if officials remain worried about other exclusive titles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Xbox exclusive

Q: What impact did Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax have on game releases?

A: Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax raised concerns about cross-platform game releases. It resulted in the Indiana Jones game becoming an exclusive title for Xbox consoles, potentially causing some gamers to miss out on major releases.

Q: What was the deal between Disney and ZeniMax regarding the Indiana Jones game?

A: Initially, Disney had a deal with ZeniMax to release the Indiana Jones game on multiple consoles. However, after Microsoft acquired ZeniMax, the deal was amended, making it an Xbox console exclusive.

Q: Was Starfield, another game from Bethesda, intended for release on PlayStation 5?

A: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) believes that Starfield was initially planned for release on the PlayStation 5 before Microsoft’s buyout of ZeniMax. However, the details regarding the exclusivity of Starfield have not been explicitly mentioned in the given text.

Q: Why was the Indiana Jones game made an Xbox exclusive?

A: According to Pete Hines, the Vice President of Bethesda, the decision to make the Indiana Jones game an Xbox exclusive was influenced by the nature of the Disney license. Disney provided extensive feedback on the project, leading to limited development time. Making it exclusive to Xbox consoles ensured the game stayed on track and provided clarity in its development.

Q: Are there any assurances about the release of Call of Duty on multiple platforms?

A: Microsoft has promised to release Call of Duty on multiple platforms for years to come in an attempt to secure regulatory approval. However, the concerns raised by the exclusivity of other titles may still impact the overall outcome of the acquisition.

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