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Microsoft’s AI-infused sidebar rolls out to Windows 11 beta testers

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AI-infused sidebar

Microsoft is introducing Windows Copilot to Windows 11 beta testers in the Beta Channel, offering the first semi-public availability of the AI-infused sidebar announced at Build 2023. This preview build primarily focuses on the integrated UI experience, with more functionalities planned for future previews. Windows Copilot is a system-level version of the browser-based Copilot, previously previewed in February. Microsoft envisions this tool, also slated for Microsoft Office and Teams, as a transformative shift in how customers interact with their software, driven by AI innovation. According to Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, AI will play a crucial role in revolutionizing Windows in the years to come, making interactions more seamless and tailored to users’ needs.

The preview release of Windows Copilot will be staggered to control its feature rollout, with some functionalities being held back for future builds. New Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel may not immediately receive the update, but Microsoft plans to increase the rollout in the following weeks. To activate Windows Copilot, users must have the correct preview installed (Build 22631.2129 or higher) and can do so by clicking the corresponding button on the taskbar or using the Win + C shortcut. The Copilot sidebar will appear docked to the right of the screen, ensuring it doesn’t overlap with desktop content and runs smoothly alongside open app windows. In its early stage, Copilot can handle various queries, such as performing basic Windows tasks, summarizing active websites in Edge browser, composing stories, and generating AI art. Users can also provide feedback through the ellipses button at the top right of the Copilot sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AI-infused sidebar

What is Windows Copilot?

Windows Copilot is an AI-infused sidebar introduced by Microsoft for Windows 11 beta testers in the Beta Channel. It aims to revolutionize how users interact with Microsoft software by providing AI-driven assistance and functionalities.

How can I access Windows Copilot?

To access Windows Copilot, beta testers must install the correct preview build (Build 22631.2129 or higher) on their Windows 11 system. Once installed, they can activate Windows Copilot by clicking the corresponding button on the taskbar (a blue ribbon ring with a yellow “PRE” badge) or by using the shortcut Win + C.

What can Windows Copilot do in its preview stage?

In the early preview stage, Windows Copilot can handle various tasks such as performing basic Windows functions like switching to dark mode or enabling “do not disturb.” It can also summarize active websites in the Edge browser, generate AI art, and even compose stories.

Will all functionalities of Windows Copilot be available in the first preview?

No, Microsoft plans a controlled feature rollout for Windows Copilot. Some functionalities will be held back for future preview builds to ensure a smoother and more refined experience for users.

When will the Windows Copilot preview be available for new Windows Insiders?

New Windows Insiders joining the Beta Channel may not see the preview immediately. Microsoft will gradually increase the rollout in the coming weeks to ensure a stable release for all testers.

Can users provide feedback on Windows Copilot?

Yes, users can submit feedback on Windows Copilot through the ellipses button located at the top right of the Copilot sidebar. This allows them to share their experiences and suggestions with Microsoft for further improvements.

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