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Microsoft’s Bing Leverages AI for Image Creation With the Power of Dall-E!

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Microsoft has just released a new feature called Bing Image Creator. This amazing tool is powered by artificial intelligence and it helps make the search engine more visual. The Image Creator uses OpenAI’s Dall-E which can create images based on words you type in. So now with one click, you can generate pictures AND written content!

The cool new image creator will be part of Bing and Microsoft’s Edge browser. This makes Edge the first and only web browser that has a built-in image maker! Microsoft said this feature was made possible because they used OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology.

In the last couple of months, a lot of companies have created their own AI technology and services. Google recently announced that they let people in the US and UK access to its chatbot Bard, while Adobe began testing out AI-generated images like Dall-E’s creations.

Microsoft is working with OpenAI to try and make sure that when people use the AI image creator, they use it responsibly. AI tools have been used to create fake photos and videos before, which can be really dangerous or misleading. Every photo this Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool creates will have a Bing icon to show that it’s been made by an AI tool. Also, Microsoft said they are blocking any prompts that might lead to dangerous or harmful results and they’re also warning people who potentially might be in trouble if they don’t take precautionary steps.

Microsoft recently released some new features for Bing users. They are called ‘AI-powered visual stories’ and ‘knowledge cards’, which take advantage of Artificial Intelligence technology to generate stories and facts. Our editors have taken this one step further by creating some personalized explainers about finances, which go through a multiple-step process of verification before getting published. The original publication date is March 21, 2023 at 8:08 am PT.

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