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Montana Set to Make History as the First State to Outlaw TikTok

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Montana might become the first state to stop people from using TikTok. The state’s law makers just decided that app stores in Montana shouldn’t let anyone download it. 54 people said yes and 43 said no, so now the decision is up to Governor Greg Gianforte who already blocked everyone from downloading it on government devices before this happened.

In 2024, a ban might be placed on TikTok. But, it could face obstacles before then. People are paying very close attention to this bill because pressure is climbing on the app’s company. Last month Shou Chew, who runs the company, spoke in front of Congress. He was trying to make it seem like their connection with ByteDance and China was smaller than it really is; however his plan didn’t go well.

The US government is trying to make ByteDance stop running TikTok. The New York Times says that Montana’s ban on it could be a model for other states, even though the law might not survive any legal arguments against it.

In Montana, there is a law that says TikTok’s connection with ByteDance might put US citizens’ private information at risk. This means the Chinese government could ask for it. TikTok said this wasn’t true and they will invest over a billion dollars in “Project Texas” to protect our security.

When you sign up, it means you accept BuyTechBlog’s Terms and Privacy Policy. Tiktok has said that this law passed in Montana harms businesses that use the app. A spokesperson showed disagreements by calling it “wrong government power” and stated that they will try to challenge the decision.

The people who wrote this bill have said that they don’t have a plan to make it work. The court will decide if the bill follows the law. We’ll fight to protect TikTok users, creators, and their rights in Montana who could be hurt by this unfair rule from the government.

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