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Nest Secure and Dropcam Products: Everything You Need to Know Before They Stop Working in 2024

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Today, Google said goodbye to some of its Nest products that won’t work with the new Google Home app. If you own any Nest home safety items like the Secure or Dropcam, you only have a year left before they become totally useless. This suggests that we’re close to seeing Google’s brand-new Home app which has more features!

Google’s Nest Secure security system will be stopping its services on April 8th, 2024. To help out customers, they are giving away freebies which could either be a $485 worth of ADT Self Setup System or a $200 Google Store Credit! When you’re eligible for the offer, Google will send an email with instructions to redeem the goodies.

Dropcam products won’t work after 8th of April next year. Google suggests that we save all our video history before the mentioned date to not lose it. As a reward to Dropcam customers, they are offering a free Nest Cam (for indoors use and with wires) for those who have a Nest Aware subscription. For those without a subscription, you can get 50 percent off the same camera.

After September 29th, Works With Nest (WWN) which made it possible to link different types of smart home products with each other will no longer work. Google suggests using the Google Home app and its routines instead of WWN. They plan to release a script editor within months that could make up for some of the functionality lost from WWN. Lastly, Google is also talking with their partners to help offer alternative solutions.

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Last year in October, Google made a new Home app which can be used to know when products are being released or discontinued. This new version links Matter, where they have something called Fast Pair. Right now it’s available on public preview.

Nest Secure was made in 2017 as an advanced way to protect your home. It had lots of features like Detectors for windows and doors, Guard base and Tag keychains which let you control whether the security is on or not. However, Google recently announced that they’re discontinuing Nest Security, but it still works now.

Before Google / Nest bought it, Dropcam used to be a popular brand that provided cloud-connected cameras for home security but then Greg Duffy (the founder) said buying it was a bad decision.

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