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New Logs Suggest Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air Coming Soon!

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Apple is making a new 15-inch MacBook Air laptop, and it will have a processor that’s as good as their M2 chip. To make sure the laptop works well with other apps from the App Store, Apple is testing it before letting people buy it.

The information engineers have shared indicates that the new 15-inch MacBook Air model has a powerful computer chip, RAM (random-access memory), and a graphics processor. This is not the brand new Apple chip like some people expected but an M2 instead. And likely soon after, Apple will reveal an even better “M3” chip soon. This laptop runs on the macOS 14 software which may be announced at WWDC in 2023.

The recent logs revealed a really interesting thing about the 15-inch MacBook Air’s display: it has the same resolution as the 14-inch MacBook Pro, but with fewer pixels. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t told us when to expect this new laptop yet; they only announced it at WWDC 2022. However, other sources have said that we should see it in late Spring or Summer.

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