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Nintendo pulls ‘The Last of Us’ clone from its eShop following copyright claim

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Nintendo has taken down its game titled “The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival” from the Switch e-shop after receiving a copyright claim from Sony, the owner of Naughty Dog, who developed the popular game “The Last of Us.” The removal came just a month after the release of the game and even led to the deletion of its trailer from YouTube.

Critics had given negative reviews to The Last Hope, with some even calling it the “worst game” they had ever tested. The game received significant criticism for its striking similarities to The Last of Us, particularly in the design of its characters, like the high-quality Ellie compared to the blurry and similar-looking Eva in The Last Hope.

For those who already downloaded the game, it will still be available, but for others, trying to access it on Nintendo’s e-shop will result in an error message. Considering the overwhelmingly negative reception and copyright infringement issue, it seems that The Last Hope won’t be missed by many.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about copyright claim

What is the reason behind the removal of “The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival” from the eShop?

The game was removed from the eShop due to a copyright claim issued by Sony, the owner of Naughty Dog, as it bore striking similarities to their hit game “The Last of Us.”

Can I still access “The Last Hope” if I previously downloaded it?

Yes, if you had already downloaded the game before its removal, you can still access and play it.

How did critics and players respond to “The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival”?

Critics and players gave negative reviews to the game, with some calling it “the worst game we’ve ever tested.” It received widespread criticism for its blurry character design and perceived knockoff of “The Last of Us.”

Will “The Last Hope” be available for purchase again?

As of now, it seems unlikely that the game will be made available for purchase again, considering the copyright claim and negative reception.

What happens to the game’s trailer on YouTube?

The trailer for “The Last Hope” was also taken down from YouTube as a result of the copyright claim.

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SwitchGamer87 August 2, 2023 - 10:35 am

da last of us is a clasik, u cant just copy dat, sony got em! LOL, blurry eva was a joke, shoulda put more effort into it. #gamereviews #lasthope

GamerGal123 August 2, 2023 - 2:19 pm

omg, I saw da trailer on youtube, it was gone so fast! copyright drama is no joke, betta stay away from knockoffs. #gamingcommunity

ZeldaFan92 August 2, 2023 - 7:35 pm

nintendo needs to b more original, dis was a trainwreck waiting to happen. sad for the peeps who spent money on it tho. #nintendo #notcool

gamer4life August 2, 2023 - 9:13 pm

nintendo shouldve known betta, copiing other games neva ends well, lol. da last hope was a hot mess, no wonder it got removd from eshop. #copyrightissues


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