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Opera’s browser is now available with chess baked in

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Opera, the web browser known for its penchant for innovation, has just made a bold move that will capture the hearts of chess enthusiasts around the globe. In a strategic partnership with Chess.com, Opera has introduced a game-changing feature in its desktop and Android browsers – the integration of chess right into your web-surfing experience.

Imagine this: You’re navigating the vast seas of the internet, and suddenly, you feel the urge for a quick chess match. No need to open a separate tab or launch a dedicated app. Opera’s desktop browser now sports a chess-themed version that comes complete with a Chess.com icon nestled neatly in the sidebar. This means you can pin the chess panel and strategize your next moves while simultaneously exploring the digital realm. Puzzles, live streamers, and ongoing games are just a click away, offering swift access to the world of chess without disrupting your browsing flow.

But that’s not all. If you’re an Android user, Opera has tailored an entirely new version of its browser for you. By opting for this custom build, you’re in for a delightful surprise on the homepage – a plethora of chess-related content awaits you. Articles, videos, and all things chess will grace your screen, ensuring that chess lovers are never far from their beloved game.

Opera’s commitment to integrating various services into its browser’s sidebar has been evident over the years. From TikTok to WhatsApp and Instagram, they’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of what a web browser can offer. And let’s not forget the Opera One browser, a recent addition infused with generative AI and support for GPT-based services, further cementing Opera’s position as a pioneer in the browser world.

So, whether you’re a seasoned grandmaster or just looking to dabble in the art of chess, Opera’s latest innovation brings the world of strategy and the web closer together than ever before. It’s time to make your move, both in the digital realm and on the chessboard!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about browser chess integration

Q: What is the key feature introduced by Opera in its browser?

A: Opera has integrated chess directly into its browser, allowing users to play and engage with chess-related content seamlessly.

Q: How does the desktop browser’s chess integration work?

A: In the desktop browser, a chess-themed version includes a Chess.com icon in the sidebar. Users can pin the panel, granting them quick access to puzzles, streamers, and ongoing games while they browse the web.

Q: What’s the unique feature for Android users in Opera’s browser?

A: Android users can opt for a custom build of Opera’s browser, which brings chess-related content, including articles and videos, to the homepage, catering to the interests of chess enthusiasts.

Q: Are there other services integrated into Opera’s browser?

A: Yes, Opera has a history of integrating various services into its browser’s sidebar, including TikTok, WhatsApp, and Instagram, providing users with diverse online experiences.

Q: What’s the significance of Opera One browser mentioned in the article?

A: Opera One is a recent browser release infused with generative AI and support for GPT-based services, demonstrating Opera’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of web browsing and innovation.

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MusicLuvr99 September 19, 2023 - 10:18 am

Chess? In Opera? Amazin, cnt wait 2 c chess articles & vids

MovieBuff87 September 20, 2023 - 3:42 am

Chess on web browsr?? Gd idea! Like multitask chess and browse

TechNerd23 September 20, 2023 - 5:40 am

Opera+AI+chess? Super intrestin, checkin it out 4 sure

GeekChic21 September 20, 2023 - 6:39 am

opera broswer now with chess in it? thts cool! wanna try it


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