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Otter’s AI chatbot pays attention during meetings so you don’t have to

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Introducing Otter Chat: Your AI Assistant for Productive Meetings

Otter.ai has recently unveiled Otter Chat, an innovative AI chatbot designed specifically for work meetings. This intelligent assistant serves as a valuable resource for meeting participants, meticulously transcribing and condensing meeting data into meaningful conversations. With Otter Chat, you can effortlessly obtain accurate answers about the meeting details, even if you were preoccupied with important tasks like, let’s say, playing the latest Zelda game just out of sight.

Meet OtterPilot, the cleverly-named chatbot that goes beyond mere meeting summaries. It collaborates with all attendees to generate valuable content based on the meeting data, such as blog posts and follow-up emails. It’s like having an unpaid intern, minus the coffee-fetching duties (at least for now). Otter AI Chat distinguishes itself from platforms like ChatGPT by sourcing information from actual team meetings, rather than relying solely on public data. This collaborative tool enables the chatbot to engage with team members collectively or individually, and you can even delegate its attendance to related meetings. Embrace work/life balance!

In addition to its meeting-centric capabilities, this little bot also performs the standard functions that have made Otter.ai a favorite among remote workers. It transcribes entire meetings, distills content into easily digestible formats, and generates action item lists, among other features.

Otter proudly claims that its AI systems already transcribe over one million words per minute, totaling more than one billion words since its launch last year. Otter AI Chat will be available to all users in the coming days, so keep an eye out for updates. Furthermore, the company assures users that no third parties will store any information when utilizing the service, which is certainly reassuring.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AI assistant

What is Otter Chat?

Otter Chat is an AI chatbot specifically designed for work meetings. It transcribes meeting data, summarizes content, and collaborates with participants to generate valuable content such as blog posts and follow-up emails.

How does Otter Chat differ from other AI chatbots?

Unlike other platforms, Otter Chat sources information directly from team meetings rather than relying solely on public data. It provides a collaborative toolset, allowing the chatbot to communicate with team members collectively or individually.

What features does Otter Chat offer?

Otter Chat transcribes entire meetings, condenses meeting data into easily digestible formats, creates lists of actionable items, and accurately answers questions about past meetings. It aims to streamline communication and improve productivity.

Can Otter Chat attend meetings on my behalf?

Yes, you can delegate Otter Chat to attend meetings in your stead. This feature promotes work/life balance by allowing you to stay updated on the meeting’s content without physically being present.

Is my data secure when using Otter Chat?

Otter.ai assures users that no information will be stored by third parties when utilizing the service. Your data remains secure and confidential.

When will Otter Chat be available?

Otter AI Chat will be rolled out to all users in the coming days. Keep an eye out for updates to access this valuable AI assistant for your meetings.

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