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Peloton Brings Gamified Exercise Experience to Its Treadmills

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Lanebreak Tread

Peloton is extending its gamification strategy to its treadmill range, launching the software experience, Lanebreak Tread. This is designed for their currently struggling line of treadmills. The software interface is akin to the racing experiences already available for Peloton’s exercise bike series. Given the proven success of Lanebreak for Peloton cycles, there’s confidence in the potential of this initiative.

Lanebreak Tread is being rolled out worldwide, accessible to all Peloton Tread members. According to Peloton, the gaming element entails participants aligning and maintaining specific speeds and inclines to gain high scores. To guide users, the experience features animations, all accompanied by an energetic soundtrack.

The software fully exploits the Tread hardware by automatically adjusting the speed and incline to align with the game’s progression. It includes a unique mechanism for interval workouts, enhanced visual aids for runners, new avatars, and a plethora of pace-related difficulty settings.

The game levels fluctuate based on the selected playlist and workout type, presenting difficulty levels from beginner to expert. Each game stage lasts between five to 30 minutes, catering to workouts of diverse durations. Users also have a broad selection of music genres, including pop, electronic, hip hop, rock, metal, and country, amongst others. However, classical music is excluded, considering that running to Bach could seem out of place. Peloton’s new Lanebreak Tread software is available starting today for their entire treadmill range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lanebreak Tread

What is Peloton’s Lanebreak Tread?

Lanebreak Tread is a new software experience developed by Peloton to gamify workouts on its treadmill range. The system involves users matching and maintaining specific inclines and speeds to accumulate high scores.

How does the gameplay of Lanebreak Tread work?

The gameplay in Lanebreak Tread requires participants to align and maintain predetermined speeds and inclines to achieve high scores. The Tread hardware is fully utilized as it automatically adjusts the speed and incline to correspond with the game’s events. It includes features like interval workout mechanics, updated runner visuals, new avatars, and an array of pace-related difficulty settings.

Is Lanebreak Tread available globally?

Yes, Lanebreak Tread has been rolled out worldwide and is accessible to all Peloton Tread members.

What kind of music is available on Lanebreak Tread?

Users can choose from a broad range of music genres on Lanebreak Tread, including pop, electronic, hip hop, rock, metal, and country, amongst others. However, there is no classical music option.

What is the duration of the game levels on Lanebreak Tread?

Each game level on Lanebreak Tread lasts between five to 30 minutes, designed to accommodate workouts of diverse lengths.

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CouchPotato101 June 29, 2023 - 4:20 am

so they’re making treadmills fun now, huh? might get me off the sofa, LOL!

BachLover June 29, 2023 - 4:56 am

umm…why no classical music? I love running to Beethoven…just saying.

TreadmillWarrior June 29, 2023 - 6:42 am

This is cool and all, but i hope they’ve sorted out their treadmill safety issues…

MusicRunner June 29, 2023 - 4:27 pm

They’ve got metal? Wow, nothing better than a fast-paced run with some heavy tunes! Can’t wait to try.

RunningFan99 June 29, 2023 - 6:13 pm

wow! this sounds dope. Im a big fan of Peloton’s bike gamified workouts, cant wait to try this on treadmill.

FitGeek June 29, 2023 - 8:36 pm

Gamification in fitness, It’s the future guys…Exciting times ahead for us Peloton users.


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