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Picsart’s AI-Powered Animated GIF Creator: A Fun Throwback to Early AI

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Picsart's AI-powered Animated GIF Creator

Do you recall the excitement during the initial wave of AI fascination, where everyone was engrossed in generating amusing images from text prompts? Well, Picsart is here to help you relive those memories from as recent as 2022. The widely-used image editing platform has just launched an AI-driven animated GIF maker.

The major distinction between earlier text-to-image systems such as DALL-E and Picsart’s fresh innovation lies in the animation. While DALL-E is recognized for creating still images, Picsart’s software produces animated GIFs, similar to those you’ve been sharing in group conversations and on social media over the years. Now, instead of searching for hilarious scenes featuring your favorite characters from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you can design those scenarios yourself. You can even concoct an image of two cats arm wrestling.


Picsart has aptly named this tool its “most unrestrained” platform yet. Its operation is straightforward – input some random text into the chat box, wait for a minute or so, and then enjoy your “wild and quirky” creation. The platform is incorporated into the standard Picsart app and is accessible for iOS and Android devices, as well as online. The created GIFs can be directly downloaded to your device, ready to be shared in your group chat or elsewhere.

The GIFs produced by this platform lean more towards the cartoony aesthetics, so don’t anticipate photorealistic outputs. However, this only enhances the enjoyment. Picsart’s AI GIF creator is available immediately, so get ready to let your creativity run wild. Just a friendly reminder: refrain from using these tools to develop the intro credits for a high-budget TV show inspired by popular comic book characters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Picsart’s AI-powered Animated GIF Creator

What is the new feature launched by Picsart?

Picsart has launched an AI-driven animated GIF creator, which allows users to generate animated images based on text inputs.

How does Picsart’s new tool differ from platforms like DALL-E?

While platforms like DALL-E generate static images based on text inputs, Picsart’s new tool creates animated GIFs, adding a dynamic aspect to the images.

How can one use Picsart’s new tool?

Users can type in any text in the chat box provided by the tool. After a minute or so, the tool will generate a “wild and quirky” animated GIF based on the input.

Is the Picsart GIF creator accessible on all devices?

Yes, the Picsart GIF creator is integrated into the regular Picsart app, making it available on iOS, Android devices and also online via the web.

What kind of images does Picsart’s AI GIF generator create?

The AI GIF generator creates images with a cartoon-like aesthetic. It’s not designed for photorealism, adding a fun and eccentric element to the creations.

Is Picsart’s AI GIF generator available for use now?

Yes, Picsart’s AI GIF generator is available right now for users to start creating their own animated GIFs.

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CarltheCautious July 4, 2023 - 2:34 am

Lets see how this turns out. AI can be unpredictable sometimes. Hope the results arent too unhinged.

JustAnotherTechie July 4, 2023 - 3:43 am

PicsArt’s done it again, pushing the boundaries of AI. Can’t wait to try this, gonna make some mad GIFs!

JakeTheSnake July 4, 2023 - 4:50 am

Woah! An animated GIF generator, that’s next level stuff! What’s next, AI making movies? LOL.

SuperSunnyFan July 4, 2023 - 6:50 am

As a hardcore It’s Always Sunny fan, this is literally a dream come true. Creating my own Sunny GIFs? Yes, please!

BudgetBuyer July 4, 2023 - 8:42 am

Free tool or paid? I aint spending a dime on something i can probably find for free online. Just saying.

AnnieArtLover July 4, 2023 - 9:00 am

so a tool to make my own GIFs huh? sounds fun, i’m in!

OldSchoolTech July 4, 2023 - 10:58 am

I remember when making static images was a big deal. now were making gifs… its amazing how far AI has come.

ComicNerd92 July 4, 2023 - 4:21 pm

Hehe, the warning at the end got me – no making opening credits for my favorite comics. Love it! Can’t wait to mess around with this.


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