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Polestar to Follow Volvo in Adopting Tesla’s EV Charging Standard

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Polestar Tesla's Charging Standard Adoption

It was only a matter of time before Polestar followed Volvo in embracing Tesla’s charging technology. The brand, known for its focus on electric vehicles, has verified its decision to adopt Tesla’s NACS connector in North America. By mid-2024, the company plans to offer “convenient” adapters converting CCS to NACS for its existing fleet, and by 2025, all new releases will come equipped with the standard. These future models will also be able to charge at CCS stations thanks to the adapter.

This development brings a degree of complexity to the expansion of Polestar’s range. The company’s Polestar 3 SUV and Polestar 4 SUV coupe are slated for a 2024 release, followed by the Polestar 5 grand tourer and Polestar 6 roadster. Consequently, some models will only have a year’s worth of native CCS charging before transitioning to Tesla’s port, while others will debut with the NACS standard. Customers will have to evaluate whether it’s worthwhile to deal with an adapter to acquire an EV as soon as it hits the market.

The rationale for this shift mirrors Volvo’s reasons: adopting the NACS standard allows Polestar drivers to tap into Tesla’s broader and more reliable Supercharger network in North America, boasting over 12,000 charging points. This move could “significantly boost” the adoption of EVs in the region, according to Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. It implies that a prospective Polestar 3 owner could rest assured about the availability of enough charging stations for long-distance travel.

Polestar and Volvo are not alone in this decision. Other auto giants, such as Ford, GM, and Rivian, have also pledged to use Tesla’s technology in North America, and Hyundai and Stellantis are considering the same. For Polestar, the decision holds more symbolic weight as it’s viewed as one of Tesla’s fiercest competitors — with the Polestar 2 seen as a viable alternative to the Tesla Model 3. Although this decision doesn’t signal a complete surrender to Tesla, it does recognize the Supercharger network’s significant role in influencing consumer choice.

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