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Razer’s new gaming mouse can seamlessly flip between five profiles

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Introducing Razer’s Latest Gaming Mouse: The Cobra Pro

Razer has recently unveiled its newest high-end gaming mouse, the Cobra Pro, offering a plethora of buttons and customization options, all encased in an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical design. With a total of ten buttons—seven on top, two on the side, and one at the bottom—this mouse allows for complete customization, a standard feature in modern mice. However, Razer takes customization to the next level with the Cobra Pro.

Equipped with five memory profiles, the Cobra Pro enables instant swapping between different customization options to cater to your specific game requirements. Moreover, the mouse seamlessly integrates with Razer’s Hypershift feature, providing temporary secondary functions for each button.

While the symmetrical design adds a touch of elegance, this gaming mouse is not short on customizable RGB lighting, a hallmark of modern gaming peripherals. In fact, the Cobra Pro boasts an impressive 11 individually addressable Chroma RGB zones, the highest in its class according to Razer. With a choice of nearly 17 million colors, your mouse’s lighting scheme is unlikely to match your neighbor’s.

In terms of specifications, the Cobra Pro inherits some of the praised features of Razer’s renowned Basilisk V3. It incorporates a Focus Pro 30K optical sensor and next-generation optical mouse switches. Furthermore, the Cobra Pro seamlessly connects to the Razer Mouse Dock Pro (sold separately), which elevates the polling rate to 4000 Hz.

With its built-in battery, the Cobra Pro provides up to 100 hours of usage when connected via Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology, or 170 hours when utilizing traditional Bluetooth connectivity. The package includes a USB-C cable for convenient quick-charging.

In addition to the Cobra Pro, Razer has also released a budget-friendly option for cost-conscious gamers. The standard Cobra mouse is wired and features eight customizable buttons. Both the Cobra Pro and the standard Cobra are currently available, priced at $120 and $40, respectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about gaming mouse

What are the key features of the Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse?

The Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse offers 10 customizable buttons, 5 memory profiles for instant swapping of customization options, 11 individually addressable Chroma RGB zones, and a long battery life.

Can I adjust the RGB lighting on the Cobra Pro gaming mouse?

Yes, the Cobra Pro features customizable RGB lighting with 11 Chroma RGB zones, allowing you to choose from nearly 17 million colors.

How long does the battery last on the Cobra Pro gaming mouse?

The built-in battery of the Cobra Pro provides up to 100 hours of usage when connected via HyperSpeed Wireless technology and 170 hours when using traditional Bluetooth connectivity.

Is the Cobra Pro gaming mouse wireless?

Yes, the Cobra Pro supports both wireless connectivity through Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology and traditional Bluetooth connectivity.

Are there different versions of the Cobra gaming mouse available?

Yes, along with the Cobra Pro, Razer also offers a budget-friendly option called the standard Cobra, which is wired and features eight customizable buttons.

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