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Roguelike ‘33 Immortals’ has 33-player co-op

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Thunder Lotus, an indie studio known for Spiritfarer, recently announced their latest game titled “33 Immortals.” This exciting new co-op action/roguelike game allows up to 33 players to join forces and “Face the Wrath of God.” The game’s description emphasizes the need for cooperation as players pick-up and raid, working together to survive waves of monsters and conquer formidable challenges.

The trailer showcases the game’s unique art style, reminiscent of classic Space Ghost cartoons, which adds a nostalgic charm. Thunder Lotus cleverly leveraged this retro appearance to render the impressive feat of having 33 simultaneous co-op players, along with enemies, in the dungeon-crawling environment.

Thunder Lotus has confirmed that 33 Immortals will be available on Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, and the Epic Games Store in 2024. You can watch the reveal trailer below and stay updated on all the news from Summer Game Fest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about co-op action/roguelike

Q: What is “33 Immortals”?

A: “33 Immortals” is an upcoming co-op action/roguelike game developed by Thunder Lotus. It allows up to 33 players to join forces and face challenging gameplay together.

Q: How many players can participate in the co-op mode?

A: The co-op mode in “33 Immortals” supports up to 33 players, offering a unique multiplayer experience where you can team up with a large group of friends or other players.

Q: What is the gameplay like in “33 Immortals”?

A: In “33 Immortals,” players engage in intense action and navigate through a roguelike dungeon-crawling environment. The goal is to survive waves of monsters and conquer formidable challenges by cooperating with other players.

Q: When will “33 Immortals” be available?

A: Thunder Lotus plans to release “33 Immortals” in 2024. The game will be available on platforms such as Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, and the Epic Games Store.

Q: Can I play “33 Immortals” solo, or is it strictly a multiplayer game?

A: While “33 Immortals” is primarily designed as a multiplayer co-op game, it is possible that solo play or single-player modes may also be available. Further details regarding solo gameplay options have not been specified at this time.

Q: How can I stay updated on the latest news about “33 Immortals”?

A: To stay informed about the latest updates, news, and announcements related to “33 Immortals,” you can follow Thunder Lotus on their official website or social media channels. Additionally, keeping an eye on gaming events like the Summer Game Fest may provide new information about the game.

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