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Samsung and LG Go Head-to-Head in 2023 OLED TV Price War

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TVs with OLED screens are the best looking TVs in tests and this year Samsung is making them cheaper. They now have two options – an expensive one called the S95C, and a cheaper one called the S90C.

The 55-inch S90C and the LG 55-inch C3 OLED TV are both currently being sold for $1,900. This creates a competition between these two brands from Korea, with each of them trying to price its product lower than the other in order to sell more. Samsung just released their QD-OLED technology last year, which can present better colors and brightness compared to older OLED TVs. Although usually it costs more money before, this new tech is priced the same as LG’s one.

This year, LG’s higher-end TVs from the G3 series are brighter than ever. Plus, LG offers more sizes of their OLED TVs than Samsung does – starting from 42 inches and going up to 97 inches! You’ll also find cheaper options in the B3 series. I personally like the 2021 C2 model a lot, but competition is getting tougher between LG, Samsung and Sony which can offer a wider range of choices and potentially even better prices for everyone who’s shopping for a TV!

This week, you can start seeing the new Samsung 2023 QD-OLED TVs in stores which come in different sizes and prices.

Samsung’s S90C and S95C QD-OLED TVs

Samsung hasn’t said how much their 65-inch S90C TV will cost yet, but it’s likely that it’ll match the $2,600 price of the LG C3. TVs tend to be more expensive in spring and summer, but they often get discounts during Black Friday and some other holidays.

Samsung’s S95C generates brighter images than their S90C model. According to Samsung, this is because the S95C has a technology called Quantum HDR OLED Plus which makes it as much as 30% brighter than last year’s TV. With a brighter screen, your images in both dark and bright rooms will look more impressive.

The S95C TV has a cool feature called the One Connect box. This box lets you connect your devices, like cord boxes or gaming systems, to the TV without running multiple cables between them. The S95C also has better sound and audio quality, more USB ports and is slimmer than the S90C TV. For example, the 65-inch model of the S95C is just 11mm thin compared to 40mm for the 65-inch S90C.

The two TV models are quite similar. Both TVs offer gamers the ability to play games at 144 frames per second, but you need a fancy video card to access this feature. Just like other Samsung TVs, the new QD-OLEDs let you stream and play games from the cloud. I think it’s a cool idea, but not necessary for everyone.

I haven’t tested it out in-depth, but I got to check out two brand new QD-OLED TVs from Samsung and Sony this year. The picture quality was really good, especially with the colors, although the screen was a bit light and had a gray look. Other people also said that this affects how bright the image looks when there’s lots of light around. Sony says their next version will have improved screens while Samsung is adding something called “anti-reflective coating” to make them brighter. So I’m curious to find out what it’ll be like!

I’m excited to review the new Samsung QD-OLED TVs and compare it to LG’s TVs soon. The team at Samsung released some extra details about the differences between their two new TV models, which was added around 1:53 in the afternoon. This article was first published on January 3rd, 2023 at 7 o’clock in the evening.

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