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Sega’s COO Confirms No Current Plans to Sell the Company

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Sega-Microsoft acquisition rumors

In a recent statement, Sega’s COO Shuji Utsumi made it clear that the company has no current plans for sale, amidst growing speculation around a possible acquisition by Microsoft. Speaking to Bloomberg News, Utsumi announced that despite industry chatter, the company is not currently open to acquisition discussions.

A surge in consolidation within the gaming industry has sparked these rumors, with major players increasingly absorbing smaller companies. Microsoft, one of the industry’s leading figures, was rumored to be eyeing Sega, a once dominant force in the gaming world that remains a reputable developer and publisher today. Fueling these rumors was news of a potential merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, currently under scrutiny by the FTC through an antitrust lawsuit. During the trial, it was revealed that Microsoft had a wishlist of companies it was interested in acquiring, and Sega was on that list.

Utsumi did not comment on whether Microsoft had proposed an acquisition deal to Sega, but did emphasize the strong bond that the two companies share. This relationship has been increasingly visible over recent years, with former Playstation exclusives like the Yakuza and Persona series now appearing on Xbox consoles. The Yakuza: Like a Dragon game even had an exclusive launch on Xbox Series X/S for a few months before becoming available on other platforms.

The strengthening ties between the two companies are particularly crucial for Microsoft, given the popularity of Sega’s titles in Japan, a market where Xbox consoles have historically struggled. This is yet another reason why the acquisition rumors have been so pervasive. However, for now, Sega plans to maintain its current structure as Sega Sammy Holdings, despite suggestions that Microsoft may have previously been prepared to offer a significant sum for the company.

As a side note, Sega’s iconic character Sonic is set to star in a new sidescrolling game to be released later this year, alongside a similar new title for Nintendo’s Mario. It’s almost like a flashback to 1991!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sega-Microsoft acquisition rumors

Is Sega currently open for acquisition talks?

No, according to COO Shuji Utsumi, Sega is not open for acquisition talks at this time.

Has Microsoft approached Sega with an acquisition offer?

Sega’s COO, Shuji Utsumi, did not comment on whether Microsoft had formally proposed an acquisition deal.

What kind of relationship do Sega and Microsoft have?

Sega and Microsoft have a strong partnership, which has been evidenced in recent years with former Playstation exclusives from Sega, like the Yakuza and Persona series, appearing on Xbox consoles.

Are there any upcoming releases from Sega?

Yes, there’s a new sidescrolling Sonic game that is set to launch later this year.

Why were there rumors of Microsoft acquiring Sega?

The rumors were fueled by a trend of consolidation in the gaming industry, Microsoft’s interest in expanding in the Japanese market where Sega is popular, and the reveal that Microsoft had a wishlist of companies for potential acquisition, which included Sega.

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SonicFan101 July 1, 2023 - 6:01 am

Sidescrolling Sonic?? omg, can’t wait! Feels like the 90’s again, haha.

Gamer4Life July 1, 2023 - 6:18 am

So sega’s not sellin’, huh? Guess Sonic’s gonna stay where he belongs, lol! Long live the blue hedgehog!

ConsoleWarrior July 1, 2023 - 11:21 am

They might not be up for sale now, but who knows what the future holds? The gaming industry is always full of surprises!

JpnGamingEnthusiast July 1, 2023 - 3:42 pm

Good to see Sega titles getting love in Japan! Xbox gotta step up their game here. pun intended 😉

TechTalksDaily July 1, 2023 - 7:29 pm

Man, I heard about the rumors. Thought Microsoft was gonna make a big move. Looks like it ain’t happening, atleast not yet!

IndustryWatcher July 1, 2023 - 8:43 pm

Interesting read… Keep a close eye on these gaming giants, somethin’s bound to happen soon.


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