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Shark’s self-emptying robot vacuum with a 30-day capacity base is 45 percent off

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Save 45% on Shark’s Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum with a 30-Day Capacity Base

If you’ve had your eye on Shark’s self-emptying robot vacuums, now is the perfect time to make a purchase. The Shark AV2501S model, which includes a base capable of holding 30 days’ worth of dirt, is currently on sale at Amazon for a discounted price. Normally priced at $550, you can now get it for just $300. This deal is only a dollar higher than its lowest price ever recorded on Black Friday last year. It’s worth noting that the AV2501S is a more affordable alternative to the AV2501AE model, which features a base with a 60-day capacity.

Shark AV2501S Robot Vacuum – $300 at Amazon

Equipped with 360-degree LiDAR vision, this vacuum can accurately map your home and efficiently clean it while avoiding obstacles along the way. It can adapt to changes within your house, which are inevitable if you spend any amount of time in it. Once it has a comprehensive floor layout, the vacuum cleans in a precise matrix grid and makes multiple passes to ensure thorough removal of dust, pet hair, dander, and debris.

With a runtime of two full hours, this model can clean your home before needing to return to its dock for recharging. It has the capability to resume cleaning from where it left off once fully charged. Additionally, it automatically empties the collected dirt into its base, which only requires emptying once a month. Moreover, the vacuum supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to schedule cleaning sessions and initiate on-demand cleaning using voice commands. Alternatively, you can control it through Shark’s user-friendly mobile app, which we found easy to navigate during our testing.

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