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Shocking ChatGPT Bug Exposes People’s Private Conversation History

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A mistake caused some people’s past conversations with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to be revealed to others who use the AI chatbot. Because of this, OpenAI needed to turn off ChatGPT on Monday while they fixed the problem.

ChatGPT lets you keep track of your conversations with a service on the left side of the website. OpenAI reported that some people saw the topic of others’ chats with ChatGPT, but they couldn’t see what was being discussed in those chats.

On Wednesday, Sam Altman said there was a problem with ChatGPT. It was because of a mistake in some open source software. He also reported that only a few people could see someone else’s conversations.

It’s not sure how many people were affected, but it is a sign to be extra careful when using AI tools like ChatGPT. OpenAI said in one of their questions & answers that it isn’t able to delete something you say from your history, so don’t give away private details in your conversations!

OpenAI released the popular ChatGPT program late last year and by January it already had over 100 million users. After that, many companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Adobe came up with their own AI tools and services. ChatGPT was back on Monday night again, but OpenAI said it is still working to give conversation history back to users.

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