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Should You Really Blur Your Home on Google Maps? An In-Depth Look at the Pros and Cons

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Google Maps has a Street View feature where you can type in an address, like that of a restaurant or park, and it will give you a picture of that place. It’s helpful because it shows you what the building or landmark looks like so that you don’t get lost when you go there. However, it also makes it easier for bad people to know what your house looks like and figure out how to sneak inside.

Google Maps makes it really easy for someone to view your house online. With just a phone or computer, they can check out any cameras outside and even find windows to get inside. That’s why there’s a way that you can blur your home so other people have trouble seeing the details of where you live. Here’s how to do it.

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How to blur Faces and Objects on Google Maps Easily and Permanently

To do this, you will need to use a computer or laptop. It is not available on iOS or Android phones, but you can access it through your phone’s web browser. But it might be easier to do this task with a trusted web browser on a Mac or PC.

Go to maps.google.com, type in the address of your home in the search bar at the right-hand side of the screen and hit enter. Then click on the photo of your house that appears as a result.

When you’re on the page with your home’s photo at the top-left corner, click it. You will see a Street View of your location. Then, look for the small text that says “Report a Problem” at the bottom-right corner to finish.

Now, it is your turn to decide what part of the image you want Google to blur. First, take control of the mouse and move around your view so that your home or any other object that needs blurring will be inside the red and black box. Use the cursor from the mouse or press either plus or minus button to switch between zoom in or out anytime. If there is stuff outside of the box you also need blurring, simply use the plus button for zooming until it falls into view within the box.

Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar/BuyTechBlog

Once you’re done editing the picture, pick what you want to blur out:

– A person’s face

– Your house

– Your car/license plate number

– Another object

If your photo is really busy because there are several cars, people and objects in it, you’ll be asked to specify what you want blurred.

When making your choice, make sure it’s exactly what you want to be blurred. Google says that whatever you blur on Street View will stay blurry forever.

Once you’re ready, enter your email address in the box and check if there’s a captcha (a type of puzzle) that you need to complete. After that, click “Submit.” You’ll also have to provide more information about what it is you want to blur. Make sure you give as much detail as possible.

Once you report something to Google, they will send you an email to tell you if your request has been accepted or not. They might also ask for more information. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long the process will take.

Oh! One more thing – Google Maps can help you find places on public transport that are less crowded. This was first posted on Dec 8, 2022 at 4:15am PT.

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