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Sony’s 12-megapixel full-frame ZV-E1: The Low-Light Vlogging Beast

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Sony just released their new and most high-end vlogging camera called ZV-E1. This camera promises great quality pictures in low light, video in 4K quality, and advanced AI features like auto framing. It also only costs $2200, which is cheaper than the top of the line A7S III that currently costs $3500.

The Sony ZV-E1 camera has a lot of cool features, especially when it comes to videoing. The full-frame sensor makes it so the background of your shot will be super blurry and make the main subject stand out more than cameras with smaller sensors like APS-C or Micro Four Thirds. It can record video in 4K quality at 24/30/60/120 fps, meaning you get clear and detailed videos. Plus, it also allows you to save your videos in All-I mode which gives you bigger file sizes that are easier to edit–up to 600Mbps!

With the S-Log-3/S-Gamut3.Cine log modes, Sony promises you will be able to record up to 15 stops of dynamic range in 10 bit 4:2:2 quality. The 12-megapixel BSI sensor can reach a maximum ISO level of 409,600 which is the highest level ever in the Alpha series camera range. With this capability, it would enable you to take photos even in almost zero light conditions!

Sony has released their first full-frame camera with a vlogging body style. It’s much smaller and lighter compared to other A-series models, weighing only 483 grams. That’s even lighter than the A7C! It uses Z-batteries so you can take up to 570 photos or record 4K 60p video for 95 minutes. However, 4K 60p video recording is limited to 30 minutes due to temperature restrictions.

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This camera has a single dial at the back, and instead of another dial at the front there is a motor zoom control. Plus, you can use three programmable buttons, an Fn button and Sony’s D-Pad to help manage it; they also have something called a Still/Movie/S&Q switch, product showcase button and background defocus button too. Finally, the top and front of this camera contains a tally light so you know when this device is on.

The touchscreen on the camera makes it easy to change settings and focus. Plus, this camera has a special display that can turn in different directions so you can take cool self-shots or tricky high/low angle shots. Sony also made sure the menu was straightforward and simple to use, so even advanced settings can be found quickly.

This camera doesn’t have an electronic viewfinder, so the only way to look at your subject is with the help of its touchscreen or by connecting an extra monitor. We’ve seen this in previous ZV-series cameras and it’s not something new, but it’s still a bit strange that such a high-tech camera doesn’t have an EVF.

The ZV-E1 camera by Sony is special because it has something not found in other Sony cameras. Its 5-axis body stabilization adds an “Active” mode that helps to reduce shaking while walking. If you need even more smoothing, the “Dynamic Active” mode can be activated to help with fast movements, though it will crop pictures a bit. With this amazing feature, it’s possible to take pictures from a wide angle and even when quickly walking – like using a gimbal without actually having one!

This new machine has an AI-based auto framing mode that is designed for creators. It uses special recognizing technology to crop the frame so that you stay in a prominent place even if the camera remains still on its holder. You can also choose how much of your image should be shown, either small, medium or large. Besides this, it allows you to slowly or quickly follow you based on subject recognition and switch between the cropped and full angle after 15 or 30 seconds. Additionally, this machine can record two types of images at once, sending the whole image to an HDMI output and the cropped version to its internal memory card.

The AI features in this camera help you get the best shot! Its framing stabilizer is great for keeping a subject stable when you follow them with your camera. The multiple face recognition will make sure both subjects remain sharp and clear even if there is more than one face in the frame. Also, as with most vlogging cameras, it has a bokeh switch button to blur out the background and a product showcase button to quickly focus on an object right in front of the camera!

The new Sony ZV-E1 camera comes with a lot of cool features! Besides humans, it can recognize animals, birds, cars/trains, airplanes, and insects. It has something called the “focus breathing compensation,” which helps you zoom in on your subjects without changing your focus. Plus, you can also adjust the speed of autofocus when going from one subject to another.

The ZV-E1 comes with a built-in mic that can tell if someone is around or not and adjust itself accordingly. It also has a windscreen to filter out air so it won’t pick up background noise. If you have your own mic, then you can plug it into the headphone jack or digital audio interface on the hotshoe.

This Sony model has some really cool features like the capability to record videos at a super clear 4K resolution with 30 frames per second. It also comes with a headphone port, an SD card slot for extra storage, an output for connecting it to your TV and USB-C for faster transfers. Plus it takes really good pictures that are 12-megapixels in size and can be snapped up to 10 times per second – but you won’t find any mechanical shutter here though!

The ZV-E1 is a camera priced at either $2,200 (for just the body) or $2,500 (if it comes with the SEL 28-60mm lens). You’ll be able to pre-order this camera tomorrow and it will begin shipping in April. Keep an eye out for a review when that happens!

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