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Sony’s Gran Turismo AI racer can drift now, making it even more unbeatable

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AI Drifting

Sony’s AI racer, GT Sophy, has thrown down the gauntlet once again to the world’s top Gran Turismo 7 players, and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular. These players took on the formidable AI competitor only to suffer a resounding defeat. But the humiliation didn’t end there; GT Sophy has now added drifting to its repertoire, turning the tables on human racers. This jaw-dropping development was captured in a video from the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 event, showcasing the AI-controlled vehicle executing mind-blowing drifts on the track.

While most of us struggle to perform successful drifts even in the playful world of Mario Kart, GT Sophy is here to demonstrate that it can conquer the art of drifting in the hyper-realistic realm of Gran Turismo.

GT Sophy, for those wondering, is the brainchild of over six years of collaboration between Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment. It harnesses the power of deep reinforcement learning methods, which have painstakingly trained the AI algorithm to navigate the digital race car within the game’s constraints and dynamics. Initially, Sophy showcased its mastery in various racing techniques such as slipstreaming, passing, and blocking, but drifting is a fresh addition to its arsenal.

Sony isn’t planning to pull the plug on GT Sophy anytime soon. In fact, they’ve expressed their commitment to making the AI a “permanent part of the game.” As proof of this commitment, Sony allowed regular Gran Turismo 7 players to go head-to-head with GT Sophy for a limited time last year, hinting that this promotion may make a comeback.

For those who might be unfamiliar, drifting is a popular maneuver in both real-world racing and its digital counterpart. Originating in the 1980s thanks to Japanese racer Keiichi Tsuchiya, drifting involves skillfully steering a vehicle to induce a controlled skid sideways through a turn. This technique allows racers to navigate sharp corners with lightning speed, shaving crucial seconds off their lap times.

With algorithms now capable of mastering this skill, it might be prudent to keep our expectations in check when it comes to outracing any rogue robots during the AI apocalypse. Instead, consider finding a good hiding spot or showering Alexa with compliments to stay on her good side. After all, flattery might be the best defense against our AI overlords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AI Drifting

Q: What is GT Sophy, and why is it making headlines in Gran Turismo 7?

A: GT Sophy is an AI racer developed by Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s grabbing headlines because it recently added drifting to its repertoire, showcasing its ability to perform this challenging maneuver in the realistic racing world of Gran Turismo 7.

Q: How was GT Sophy trained to drift and excel in racing tactics?

A: GT Sophy was trained using deep reinforcement learning methods. Over six years, the AI algorithm learned to navigate the digital race car within the game’s rules. Initially, it mastered techniques like slipstreaming, passing, and blocking before adding drifting to its skillset.

Q: Will GT Sophy remain a part of Gran Turismo 7?

A: Yes, Sony intends to make GT Sophy a “permanent part of the game.” They previously allowed regular players to compete against the AI, indicating their long-term commitment to integrating AI racers into the game.

Q: What is drifting, and why is it significant in racing?

A: Drifting is a maneuver where a vehicle is intentionally made to skid sideways through a turn while maintaining control. It’s significant in racing because it allows drivers to navigate sharp corners quickly, shaving precious seconds off lap times.

Q: What’s the connection between AI racing and the AI apocalypse mentioned in the text?

A: The text humorously suggests that since algorithms like GT Sophy can now perform advanced racing techniques like drifting, we shouldn’t rely on outracing evil robots in an AI apocalypse scenario. It’s a playful reference to the potential of AI technology.

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