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Spotify is Shutting Down ‘Heardle’ – What You Need to Know

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If you love playing Heardle, then you should know that Spotify is shutting down the game from May 5th. So if you want to keep any record of your stats and progress, make sure to take a screenshot before May 4th because after that the stats won’t be available anymore.

Heardle first appeared in 2019 not long after Wordle received lots of attention. It soon became one of the most popular imitation of Wordle and had 69 million monthly visitors at its peak, which was last March.

In July, Heardle’s owners sold the game to Spotify. Before the deal was announced though, the amount of people visiting the game each month dropped to 41 million according to TechCrunch. This suggested that not many people were playing it anymore. On the other hand, The New York Times who is in charge of Wordle said millions of people still play their game every week.

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Spotify bought a game called Heardle and said that the goal of it was to help people discover new music. Every day players had to guess which songs were playing by just listening to part of the song, and then they could click on a link to hear the full track on Spotify. It seems like this game may not have helped Spotify much because it didn’t get many clicks from people who played it. Also, there are already lots of ways in Spotify’s app to discovernew music.

Spotify’s music choices didn’t make things easier. Along with the classics, they often included songs that weren’t popular but went crazy on TikTok. Spotify couldn’t quite find a good balance of helping people to discover new music while also making the songs recognizable enough so fans can remember and keep their streaks going.

Many players were not happy because Heardle played lots of songs from the same artist in a short amount of time. Last year, there were six Green Day tracks over five months and too many Imagine Dragons songs in the past few months, even though there are thousands of different singers and great songs available.

Spotify didn’t have a team especially for Heardle, so nobody will lose their job when the game shuts down. It doesn’t seem like it was taking a lot of hard work to select one song each day and maintain Heardle. BuyTechBlog tried to reach out to Spotify but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

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