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Steam is green again on its 20th anniversary

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Steam Anniversary

Steam, the juggernaut of the PC gaming world, is painting the town green once again as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. While giants like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo dominate the console gaming realm, Valve’s distribution platform, Steam, has established itself as the heavyweight champion of PC gaming. It may not be the solitary oasis for PC gamers, but it undoubtedly ranks among the largest, most time-honored, and iconic. Today marks two decades of Steam revolutionizing the way we play and purchase PC games.

Valve is pulling out all the stops for this milestone celebration, and they’ve decided to do it in style – by slashing prices on their self-published games. You read that right; they’re offering most of their gaming catalog at jaw-dropping discounts, with a whopping 90 percent off! The only exception is Half-Life: Alyx, which, for obvious reasons, remains at its standard price. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The sale’s landing page isn’t just a digital marketplace; it doubles as a cheerful, nostalgic journey through Steam’s illustrious history over the last two decades.

This retrospective is more than just a walk down memory lane; it’s an interactive experience. Users have the unique opportunity to snag the “Top Games” from pivotal years in Steam’s history. It’s like buying a slice of gaming history, with each purchase punctuated by intriguing footnotes about the inaugural Steam Sale. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can even nab the original Portal for an unbelievable $0.99 – a true steal!

But, as we fondly reminisce about Steam’s journey, it’s essential to remember that this trip down memory lane leaves out a few critical details. Those who were there when Steam was in its infancy may recall a time of frustration. Valve initially conceived the platform as a means to deliver seamless game updates and combat cheating in online multiplayer. However, many viewed it as an intrusive presence, an early attempt to impose strict DRM (Digital Rights Management) on gamers.

Back in 2003, digital game distribution was still in its infancy, and most PC gamers were accustomed to buying physical copies of games from brick-and-mortar stores, manually installing them from CDs or DVDs. So, it was quite a shock when Valve launched Half-Life 2, and players discovered that it required not only Steam but also an internet connection to launch the single-player experience. Such a requirement was virtually unheard of at the time, and needless to say, it didn’t sit well with gamers.

But, as history has shown, we humans have a remarkable capacity to adapt. Over time, other game publishers started offering their titles on Valve’s platform, lured by its convenient distribution model and the irresistible siren song of Steam Sales. Valve, in turn, continued to evolve and improve the platform. They introduced features like cloud save backups, a hub for user-created content, social functionalities, and more. Before we knew it, Valve was even dipping its toes into the hardware world with the Steam Machines initiative (though that didn’t quite take off) and the far more successful Steam Deck.

Today, Steam isn’t just a name; it’s practically a synonym for PC gaming. It’s a household name in the gaming community for all the right reasons. So, go ahead and celebrate Steam’s 20th anniversary. Valve has even brought back the platform’s original dark green color, giving this anniversary a delightful retro twist that’s sure to tickle the nostalgia of long-time Steam aficionados. Cheers to two decades of gaming excellence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Steam Anniversary

Q: What is Steam celebrating on its 20th anniversary?

A: Steam is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering massive discounts on self-published games, taking users on a nostalgic journey through its history, and even bringing back its original dark green color.

Q: How significant are the discounts during Steam’s 20th-anniversary celebration?

A: The discounts are remarkable, with most of Steam’s catalog being offered at a staggering 90 percent off. The exception is Half-Life: Alyx, which remains at its regular price.

Q: What can users experience on the anniversary celebration landing page?

A: The landing page serves as a fun and interactive retrospective of Steam’s two-decade history. Users can purchase “Top Games” from key years in Steam’s past and enjoy intriguing footnotes about the platform’s first-ever Steam Sale. There’s even a chance to buy the original Portal game for just $0.99.

Q: Why was Steam initially met with frustration in its early days?

A: In its early days, Steam faced criticism because it required an internet connection to launch games like Half-Life 2, which was uncommon at the time. Some gamers viewed it as an attempt to impose restrictive DRM on players.

Q: How did Steam evolve over the years to become a household name in gaming?

A: Steam’s success story includes attracting other publishers, introducing features like cloud save backups and user-created content, and even venturing into hardware with initiatives like Steam Machines and the Steam Deck.

Q: What’s the significance of Steam bringing back its original dark green color?

A: The return of the original dark green color adds a delightful retro touch to the anniversary celebration, invoking nostalgia for long-time Steam enthusiasts.

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OldSchoolGamer September 13, 2023 - 1:08 pm

Remember da early days? Steam was a struggle back then. But, we adapted!

Gamer4Life September 13, 2023 - 11:27 pm

steam’s b-day bash! epic game sales galore! w0w, gr8 discounts!


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