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Steam overhauls notifications, UI elements and the in-game overlay

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Steam update

Valve has released a much-needed update for the Steam desktop client, bringing significant improvements to notifications, UI elements, and the in-game overlay. This update, which incorporates features previously tested in the app’s beta channel, introduces refreshed fonts, menus, and a revamped notification system. Additionally, the in-game overlay has been completely redesigned. Notably, the platform has been rebuilt using a new framework that enables simultaneous feature deployment across all versions of Steam.

The desktop client enhancements are not exclusive to the desktop alone; some of these new features are already available on the Steam Deck. Valve specifically highlights the overhauled in-game overlay, which now includes a new interface, a more versatile toolbar, and a synchronized notes tool accessible on multiple PCs. This feature is now simultaneously accessible on both desktop and Steam Deck thanks to the new framework. Furthermore, the overlay introduces a new “pin” feature that allows users to keep the notes tool or any other in-game interface window visible during gameplay.

Valve has also made efforts to streamline the client’s notifications. Clicking on the icon will now display the most recent and relevant notifications, with an option to access a full historical view. Other areas of the client have also received minor updates, such as improved dialog text, new fonts, and refined colors.

While the new features are commendable, Valve takes particular pride in the underlying improvements. The company has implemented hardware acceleration for Mac and Linux users, ensuring a smoother experience across all platforms.

In a notable change, the update signals the potential end of the legacy Steam Big Picture mode. The removal of the command line option to enable “oldbigpicture” suggests that the new Steam Deck interface has taken its place.

The latest Steam Client update is now available for download. For further details, refer to the comprehensive patch notes.

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