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Suspect’s Steam Profile Leads to Pentagon Leaks Charges

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Jack Teixeira is in trouble with the government for taking secret documents. The investigation started when a team of journalists found his Instagram account by searching his Steam profile. They then matched pictures from that profile to the images seen in the leaked documents, like tiles and kitchen countertops. So essentially, the photos helped track Jack down and show he was responsible for taking classified material.

The person accused of a crime has not said if they are guilty or not, and they will have to go to court on April 19th. If found guilty, the maximum amount of time they could be sent to prison is 15 years.

In late 2022, a man from Massachusetts named Teixeira started sharing secret documents on an online chatroom related to Minecraft. At first he copied the documents himself, but later posted pictures of the actual documents. He didn’t mean to be a whistleblower and only wanted to show off for his friends (who were all playing Minecraft), but other people from different chatrooms on 4chan and Telegram eventually saw what he was posting.

The documents show us the details of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It includes what Ukraine was trying to do and how Russia wanted to get weapons from Turkey and Egypt. Plus, it also shows how America keeps an eye on its friends and what they are doing, even like following activities of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The FBI arrested a man called Teixeira on April 13th, which made people think about how easy it is to get access to secret information in the United States military. He was an Airman First Class, and acted like a technician helping with technical jobs. According to The Washington Post, Teixeira could also use something called the Pentagon’s Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System to get access to very important intelligence documents.

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