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T-Mobile Subscribers Score Free MLB.TV Through 2028!

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T-Mobile and Major League Baseball (MLB) are teaming up again. This means that T-Mobile will sponsor events related to professional baseball and also give away free MLB.TV subscriptions to its customers until 2028!

For eight years, MLB and T-Mobile have worked together to give their subscribers discounts and free stuff through the promotion called “T-Mobile Tuesdays”. MLB.TV lets you watch livestreams from around the league, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work for local teams. This season is special, though, because now you can watch games from minor leagues that are connected with your favorite major league team in the MLB app.

T-Mobile and Minor League Baseball (MiLB) have partnered together to create an Automatic Ball-Strike system, which will allow MiLB players and officials to review, challenge, or analyze calls during games this season. The Automatic Ball-Strike system will be powered by T-Mobile’s 5G Private Mobile Network. Major League Baseball (MLB) has been experimenting with robot umpires since 2019 and they plan on introducing the system into the big leagues in 2024. This could possibly mean that umpires jobs may eventually become automated but it also means that people won’t get mad at the human umps anymore if there is a bad call – they’ll be able to be mad at the machine instead!

T-Mobile announced a new partnership with baseball, which means they will be donating millions of dollars to help young budding players get the equipment they need. Additionally, T-Mobile is still sponsoring the Home Run Derby and batting practice broadcast during All-Star Week. Lastly, they are creating 5G hotspots in baseball stadiums all over North America, so that fans can have amazing “immersive” experiences while also providing faster speeds on their phones.

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