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The Analogue Pocket Unveils a Glow-In-The-Dark Edition Dropping in September

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Analogue Pocket Glow

Just when we thought the Analogue Pocket had already won our hearts as the ultimate retro handheld gaming experience, along comes a version that might just make our inner pre-teens flip. Meet the Pocket Glow, a luminescent special edition from Analogue, scheduled to drop next month. The manufacturer states that this glowing beauty will be up for grabs in “extremely limited numbers,” sporting a price tag of $250 apiece. Mark your calendars, folks; the pre-order window opens at the crack of dawn on September 1st—8AM PDT or 11AM EDT to be precise—and shipping kicks off on September 5th.

What makes this handheld console practically a Marvel superhero is its unique material that acts like a light sponge. It absorbs and then re-emits light, turning your Pocket Glow into your very own rave companion. To get it to do its glowy thing, you’ll need to bask it under direct sunlight, incandescent bulbs, or even blacklight. The device claims to stay luminous for a solid eight hours, although the exact “charging” time for that long-lasting glow remains a tantalizing mystery. As with its less-glowy sibling, the Pocket Glow can natively jam with any Game Boy variant cartridges, and if you’ve got an adapter, it’s game on for other handheld platforms as well.

On a side note, Analogue is also making sure they catch up with shipping their backlog. They’ve assured that 100% of all existing pre-orders for the handheld device will be out the door by today. Remember, the OG Analogue Pocket was the belle of the ball in December 2021, despite playing hard-to-get due to some delays. It’s been trickling out to eager gamers in batches ever since. If you’re planning on pimping out your console, keep an eye on Analogue’s online store. There’s a major restock happening today, and what’s even more exciting is a new shipping option for those living within the good ol’ USA. Users who had to bear the brunt of the company’s previously “astronomical” shipping costs can now breathe a little easier. The new shipping option promises to slash those fees by a solid 30 to 50 percent.

So, whether you’re a vintage gaming connoisseur or just someone who likes shiny things, the Analogue Pocket Glow is ready to light up your world, both literally and figuratively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Analogue Pocket Glow

What is the Analogue Pocket Glow?

The Analogue Pocket Glow is a special edition glow-in-the-dark handheld gaming console from Analogue. It’s set to be released in September and will be available in extremely limited quantities for $250 each.

When will the Analogue Pocket Glow be available for purchase?

The Pocket Glow will be available for pre-order starting September 1st at 8AM PDT/11AM EDT. Shipping will commence on September 5th.

How does the Analogue Pocket Glow actually glow?

The device is made from a unique material that absorbs and re-emits light. You’ll need to expose it to direct sunlight, incandescent lighting, or blacklight to activate the glow feature. It can glow for up to eight hours.

Can it play cartridges from other handheld gaming consoles?

Yes, much like the original Analogue Pocket, the Pocket Glow can natively play cartridges from any of the Game Boy variants. You can also play cartridges from other handheld consoles if you have the appropriate adapter.

What’s the update on shipping for existing Analogue Pocket orders?

Analogue has announced that 100% of all pre-orders for their handheld consoles will ship by today. If you’ve been eagerly waiting, your device should be on its way soon!

Are there any updates regarding the shipping fees?

Yes, Analogue has introduced a new shipping option that will reduce domestic shipping fees within the United States by between 30 and 50 percent. This comes as a relief for users who were previously dismayed by the company’s high shipping costs.

Is there a restock for accessories?

Absolutely! Analogue’s online store is expected to have a major restock today. So if you’re looking to accessorize your Pocket or Pocket Glow, this is the perfect opportunity to snag those items.

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