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The Mac Mini M2 Slashes Its Price Tag Back to a Cool $499

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Mac Mini M2 Deal

Craving a more robust Mac without emptying your pockets of $600? Well, good news, tech enthusiasts! B&H is hosting a 17% discount on the Apple Mac Mini M2, bringing it down to a not-so-wallet-burning $499. Let’s be real, folks; this is the most tempting price point we’ve seen since its initial rollout this past January.

Apple Mac Mini (M2)
Originally $599, Now a Steal at $499

That’s Right, a Solid 17% Off.

Grab it for $499 at B&H

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem and feeling like your setup is missing that special something, the Mac Mini M2 has you covered. Scoring a solid 86 in our review, this petite powerhouse has come leaps and bounds since the very first Mac Mini made its grand entrance in 2005. While the Mini M1 made waves in 2021, the M2 cranked it up a notch by offering eight CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and a whopping ten graphic cores. Oh, and it still rocks that iconic aluminum box frame. But get this, it has a slightly elevated base, optimizing it for better airflow. Innovation or what?

But what’s a powerhouse without connectivity, right? Fear not! This little beast is brimming with handy ports. We’re talking two USB-A ports, a duo of Thunderbolt 4 USB-Cs, HDMI 2.0, a headphone jack, and even gigabit Ethernet. The only minor setback? No ports are gracing the front of this bad boy, so you’ll have to reach around. You’ve got until this Friday, September 1st, to debate whether this unit deserves a spot on your desk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mac Mini M2 Deal

What is the current price of the Mac Mini M2?

The Mac Mini M2 is currently on sale at B&H for just $499, down from its original price of $599.

What are the key features of the Mac Mini M2?

The Mac Mini M2 boasts eight CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and ten graphic cores, making it a powerhouse addition to your setup. Its innovative design includes an elevated base for better airflow.

What ports are available on the Mac Mini M2?

The Mac Mini M2 comes with two USB-A ports, two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, HDMI 2.0, a headphone jack, and gigabit Ethernet. However, there are no front-facing ports.

How long is the sale on the Mac Mini M2?

The sale on the Mac Mini M2 is set to end on Friday, September 1st. Make sure to grab it before the offer expires!

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