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Threads Accumulates 10 Million Users in Just Seven Hours

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Meta's Threads App

Meta’s recently launched rival to Twitter, Threads, has impressively garnered over 10 million users in merely seven hours, as reported by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on a Thread. Now accessible worldwide (apart from Europe), the swift user acquisition rate demonstrates Meta’s remarkable scaling capability, outshining other Twitter competitors such as Bluesky, which still relies on invitation codes.

Marking this momentous occasion, Zuckerberg broke his Twitter silence of over a decade with a classic Spider-Man standoff meme post, humorously indicating his meme acumen, unlike Elon Musk. “10 million signups in seven hours,” he supplemented on Threads.

Through Threads, Meta is challenging Twitter and alternatives such as Mastodon, with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri at the helm. Mosseri aims to ensure Threads’ compatibility with ActivityPub, the fundamental protocol empowering Mastodon and other decentralized services often collectively labeled as the “Fediverse.”

Threads leverages its close association with Instagram, both being built on the same platform, to ensure effective promotion. Users who pre-registered the app on iOS received a push notification when Threads was launched, undoubtedly enhancing user signups.

Despite its early success, Threads has experienced some initial issues. Chief among the complaints is the absence of a chronological feed that only shows followed content, leaving users at the mercy of the Threads algorithm. “95 percent of the posts I see are completely irrelevant to me,” one user lamented. It also lacks several features such as post editing, hashtags, account switching and more, all of which are present on Facebook and Instagram.

Mosseri has responded to these concerns, assuring on Threads that a feature to follow specific content is “on the list.” He echoed the same sentiment for post editing and account switching and mentioned that hashtags would become interactive “in time.”


Threads’ lack of a web version is another point of contention for many users. Similar to Instagram’s past status, Threads is currently read-only on browsers with posting confined to iOS and Android apps. The design of Threads has also divided opinions, with some users finding it less intuitive than Twitter.

The issue of user verification is another significant discussion point. Elon Musk’s move to restrict Twitter’s blue checkmark only to Twitter Blue subscribers or very notable public figures and news sites made the platform less appealing for many users.

As of now, only those verified on Instagram (not Facebook) have been bestowed the blue badge on Threads. Despite the rigorous Instagram verification process, it’s mostly obtained by influencers and creators. Since Threads aims to be a discussion platform potentially focusing on news to rival Twitter, it might be logical to allow Facebook verified users to also be verified on Threads, or even introduce a brand-new verification system.

Regardless, Threads is still in its nascent stage, and substantial changes are expected in the near future. Users clearly have strong viewpoints, and whether Meta takes these into account will make for an intriguing narrative in the upcoming months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Threads App Launch

Q: How many users did Threads gain within the first seven hours of its launch?

A: Threads gained over 10 million new users within the first seven hours of its launch.

Q: Is Threads available globally?

A: Yes, Threads is available globally, with the exception of Europe.

Q: How does Threads compare to other Twitter rivals like Bluesky?

A: Threads showcases Meta’s ability to scale up rapidly, unlike Bluesky, which still requires invite codes for access.

Q: Who is the CEO of Meta?

A: Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Meta and made the announcement about Threads’ user signups.

Q: What features are currently lacking in Threads?

A: Threads currently lacks a chronological, following-only feed, post editing, hashtags, account switching, and a web version.

Q: Will Threads address these issues in the future?

A: Yes, Threads’ CEO, Adam Mosseri, has acknowledged the concerns and mentioned that features like a following-only feed, post editing, account switching, and tappable hashtags are on the roadmap.

Q: Can Threads be accessed via a web browser?

A: No, currently Threads is read-only on web browsers, with posting limited to the iOS and Android apps.

Q: What are some user complaints about Threads?

A: Users have expressed frustration with the lack of a chronological feed and irrelevant posts being shown. They have also highlighted the absence of certain features available on Facebook and Instagram.

Q: Are there plans for user verification on Threads?

A: Currently, only users verified on Instagram have received the blue badge on Threads. However, it may make sense to allow Facebook verified users or introduce a new verification system for Threads in the future.

Q: Will Threads undergo further changes and improvements?

A: Yes, as Threads is still in its early stages, substantial changes and improvements can be expected in the near future. Meta will likely consider user feedback and make necessary updates.

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soccerfan88 July 6, 2023 - 10:57 am

mark zuckerberg back on twitter??? lol. his meme game on point! threads got potential, but where’s the timeline?? not cool, man. fix it, mosseri!

TechGeek123 July 6, 2023 - 12:38 pm

threads app is amzing!! 10 million users in 7 hours WOW!!! but no web version? really?? come on Meta get with the program. but overall cool news.

JaneDoe91 July 6, 2023 - 5:23 pm

who needs another social media app anyway? all these features missing, and the design is meh. stick to instagram, meta!

CoolCat27 July 6, 2023 - 11:26 pm

10 mil signups in 7 hrs? that’s insane! threads gonna give twitter a run for its money. hope they add web version soon though.

TheRealNewsSource July 7, 2023 - 4:40 am

threads making waves! meta knows how to scale. gonna keep an eye on the updates. let’s see if they listen to user complaints.


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