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TikTok Discontinues TikTok Now, Stepping Away from the BeReal Trend

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According to The Verge, TikTok has announced the discontinuation of TikTok Now, a feature that closely resembled last year’s popular social media sensation, BeReal. Screenshots shared by users reveal that parent company ByteDance is in the process of updating the TikTok experience, leading to the discontinuation of TikTok Now.

BeReal, honored as Apple’s iPhone app of the year in 2022, has experienced a decline in popularity recently. Setting itself apart from competitors, the app employed a unique approach by sending notifications at varying times each day, prompting users to swiftly share photos captured simultaneously by their device’s front and rear cameras. The intention was to foster spontaneous content creation while emphasizing connections with friends.

TikTok Now adopted a nearly identical concept, requiring users to capture front and rear photos simultaneously. However, it introduced the option to record 10-second videos reminiscent of TikTok’s format, rather than solely focusing on photos. Upon its release, the company aimed to foster “authentic and spontaneous connections on TikTok.”

Initially integrated within the main TikTok app in the United States, TikTok Now also existed as a standalone application in other regions. While the message conveyed to TikTok users in the US indicated the discontinuation of the feature within the main app, there is no information regarding the separate TikTok Now app.

Following BeReal’s successful launch, Instagram (with Candid Stories), Snapchat, and others introduced dual-camera features in response. However, according to an April report by The New York Times, the number of BeReal users has declined. BeReal contested the analytical report, asserting that it still maintains 20 million daily active users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about social media discontinuation

What is TikTok Now and why is it being discontinued?

TikTok Now was a feature introduced by TikTok that allowed users to capture front and rear photos simultaneously or record short TikTok-like videos. It is being discontinued as part of an update to the TikTok experience, signaling a shift away from the trend.

What was BeReal and why did its popularity decline?

BeReal was a social media app that gained recognition as Apple’s iPhone app of the year in 2022. It differentiated itself by sending notifications at different times, prompting users to quickly share photos taken with both front and rear cameras. However, its popularity has declined in recent times, as reported by The New York Times in April. The app refuted the analytics report and claimed to have 20 million daily active users.

Will the discontinuation of TikTok Now affect the separate TikTok Now app?

The message sent to TikTok users in the US indicated the discontinuation of TikTok Now within the main app, but there is no information regarding the separate TikTok Now app. It remains unclear if the standalone app will be affected by this change.

What are the implications of TikTok’s move away from the BeReal trend?

TikTok’s decision to discontinue TikTok Now, which was inspired by the BeReal trend, suggests a shift in focus for the platform. It signifies a departure from the concept of capturing simultaneous photos or videos and may indicate a reevaluation of TikTok’s strategy for creating authentic and spontaneous connections.

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More about social media discontinuation

  • The Verge – The source reporting on TikTok discontinuing TikTok Now.
  • The New York Times – The publication that reported on the decline in popularity of BeReal.
  • ByteDance – The parent company of TikTok.
  • Apple App Store – The platform that recognized BeReal as the iPhone app of the year in 2022.
  • Instagram – A social media platform that introduced dual-camera features inspired by BeReal.
  • Snapchat – Another social media platform that implemented dual-camera features influenced by BeReal.
  • BuyTechBlog – The website that provides recommendations and includes affiliate links in their articles.

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