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‘Towerborne’ is an action-RPG brawler from the makers of The Banner Saga

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Introducing ‘Towerborne’: A Thrilling Action-RPG Brawler by the Creators of The Banner Saga

Stoic Studio, renowned for their strategic RPG series, The Banner Saga, surprised fans with an exciting announcement during the Summer Game Fest Xbox Showcase. They unveiled their latest creation, Towerborne, an action-packed RPG brawler that stands in contrast to their previous works.

Within the game’s captivating fantasy world, humanity seeks refuge in The Belfry, an immense tower towering above a land overrun by monstrous creatures and peculiar foes. Towerborne’s gameplay seamlessly blends classic cooperative brawling with strategic elements and RPG mechanics, all while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. Principal Game Designer Alex Thomas shared in a blog post, “We set out to make a game that we could enjoy with our families, something we could play at conventions—a sit-down-and-have-fun kind of experience. We draw inspiration from beloved beat ’em up games and aim to create a title with enduring features and gameplay modes.”

Thomas emphasizes that death plays a crucial role in Towerborne, affecting the game’s heroes, known as Aces. Rather than simply respawning, a hero’s demise becomes an integral part of the storyline. Thomas explains, “As an Ace, you possess a unique ability to confront the most perilous threats, die, and then return. We wanted to delve deeper into this concept instead of treating it as a regular gameplay mechanic. We wanted to explore how a group of individuals experiences such an extraordinary phenomenon. You’re not just fulfilling your duties as a superhero, but rather supporting an entire civilization during a cataclysmic event.”

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Towerborne introduces a seasonal format, allowing developers to continually introduce new content while unraveling the overarching narrative. Thomas elaborates, “We aimed to create a premise that seamlessly integrates content updates and gameplay changes within the world, so it doesn’t feel forced or artificial.”

Towerborne, published by Xbox, is set to release in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam.

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