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TweetDeck’s new name is ‘XPro’

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TweetDeck, Twitter’s renowned real-time tool for avid Twitter users, is undergoing significant changes as part of Twitter’s massive rebranding efforts. The tool’s landing page, when viewed without logging in, now displays its new name, “XPro,” situated in the upper left corner. While the iconic Twitter bird logo still graces the page, and the description continues to emphasize its functionality as a real-time tool for Twitter enthusiasts, the rebranding process seems to be in its early stages.

Twitter’s rebranding, where the platform itself is now known as “X,” was unexpectedly unveiled in July, with Elon Musk, the prominent entrepreneur, announcing the change on Twitter and subsequently notifying his employees via email. The initial changes included replacing the Twitter bird logo with a simplistic “X” logo that will likely evolve over time. Additionally, tweets are now referred to as “posts,” and retweets are labeled “reposts.” Google and Apple have already updated their respective app stores to feature the platform as “X.”

Elon Musk’s fondness for the “X” branding isn’t new, given his past aspirations to rename PayPal as X.com, before being removed as CEO. He also renamed Twitter’s parent company as X Corp. The goal behind Twitter’s new identity is to expand its scope and transform into an “everything app” incorporating payment and banking features. However, some critics view the rebranding as ill-conceived, detracting from the company’s distinctiveness and overall value.

Amidst the ongoing criticism, Twitter’s rebranding efforts have gained momentum, with TweetDeck also slated for a transformation. The popular tool will not retain its original name for long and will no longer be free to use. Plans indicate it will be restricted to Blue subscribers behind a paywall.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about rebranding

What is TweetDeck’s new name?

TweetDeck’s new name is ‘XPro.’ It is part of Twitter’s rebranding efforts to transform into “X” and expand its features.

What changes are happening to Twitter’s branding?

Twitter is rebranding to “X,” and it includes replacing the Twitter bird logo with a simple “X” logo. Tweets are now referred to as “posts,” and retweets are labeled “reposts.”

Who announced Twitter’s rebranding?

Elon Musk, the prominent entrepreneur, announced Twitter’s rebranding on Twitter itself, followed by an email to his employees.

Why is Twitter rebranding?

Elon Musk aims to transform Twitter into an “everything app” with payment and banking features, hence the shift to the “X” branding.

What is the future of TweetDeck?

TweetDeck will soon undergo a name change to ‘XPro’ and will no longer be free to use. It will be exclusively available to Blue subscribers behind a paywall.

What do critics say about the rebranding?

Some critics view the rebranding as a questionable decision, making the company less identifiable and valuable. They consider it one of Elon Musk’s less successful moves.

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“X” branding, seriously? Elon Musk be lovin’ his “X” stuff. Can’t wait 2 C tweetdeck turnin’ into “XPro”!


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