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Twitch announces chat-pinning feature for those with robust bank accounts

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chat-pinning feature

Twitch introduces a new chat-pinning feature, following the footsteps of platforms like YouTube. Known as Hype Chat, this feature offers an additional revenue stream for both streamers and the platform. Here’s how it functions: Users can pay anywhere from $1 to $500 to compose a message that remains at the top of the chat until someone with deeper pockets comes along and displaces them.

The duration and length of the message at the top of the chat depend on the amount paid, allowing for more characters and an extended spotlight. Generous contributors also gain access to various design options, enabling their “notice me senpai” messages to catch the attention of their favorite streamers.

Streamers have the authority to set the price, with Twitch retaining a 30 percent share and the remaining 70 percent going to the creator. Initially, only high-profile streamers, known as Partners, will have access to this feature. Twitch justifies this restriction by explaining that pinned chats aim to highlight messages in fast-moving conversations with numerous participants. Curiously, these Twitch partners cannot opt out of the service, as reported by The Verge.

Considering the prevalence of hateful and discriminatory language on the Internet, it is essential to address this concern when discussing pinned messages. Twitch has implemented robust safety tools for this feature. Similar to regular Twitch chat, there are site-wide restrictions on banned words and phrases, as well as individual creator-specific filters. Additionally, if a user engages in inappropriate behavior and gets banned from a chat, their pinned message is also removed. All messages sent through this feature undergo screening by the company’s AutoMod system, and human moderators possess the authority to delete messages as necessary.

The feature is currently being rolled out exclusively for approved partners on the web app, with plans to expand its availability to smartphone and tablet apps in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about chat-pinning feature

What is Twitch’s chat-pinning feature?

Twitch’s chat-pinning feature allows users to pay a certain amount to have their message pinned at the top of the chat, gaining visibility and attention from streamers and other participants.

How does the pricing work for the chat-pinning feature?

Users can pay anywhere from $1 to $500 to compose a pinned message. The price determines the duration and length of time the message stays at the top of the chat.

Who has access to the chat-pinning feature on Twitch?

Initially, only high-profile streamers known as Partners will have access to the chat-pinning feature.

Can Twitch partners opt out of the chat-pinning feature?

No, according to The Verge, Twitch partners are unable to opt out of the chat-pinning service.

How does Twitch address concerns about hateful or discriminatory language in pinned messages?

Twitch has implemented safety tools such as banned word filters at both the site-wide and individual creator levels. Messages sent through the chat-pinning feature are screened by the AutoMod system, and human moderators have the authority to delete inappropriate messages.

Is the chat-pinning feature available on all platforms?

Currently, the feature is available only on the web app for approved partners. Twitch plans to launch it on smartphone and tablet apps in the near future.

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gamerGuru June 22, 2023 - 10:51 pm

twitch keeps rollin’ out new features n makin’ bank! But I wish they let all streamers use pinned msgs, not just da high-profile ones. #equality

gamingQueen June 23, 2023 - 12:08 am

I’m excited for Hype Chat! Now I can pay a lil extra n send longer messages. Gonna make sure senpai notices me! Thank u, Twitch! #NoticeMeSenpai

TechJunkie87 June 23, 2023 - 6:28 am

so, chat-pinning is only on web? I wanna pin my messages on da app too! Twitch needs 2 hurry up n release it for mobile, we’re waitin’! #MobilePinning

chatModXtreme June 23, 2023 - 10:36 am

safety is important, glad twitch has banned word filters & moderation. But I hope they catch all da nasty messages, cuz trolls always find a way. #StaySafe

streamerFan23 June 23, 2023 - 10:38 am

omg dis chat-pinning thing is so cool! I luv how u can pay 2 have ur msg at da top n get noticed. Twitch rly knows how 2 make $$$. #hypechat


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