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Twitch Broadcasters Gaining Power to Keep Banned Users at Bay

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In a recent announcement, Twitch unveiled an upcoming feature that’s set to empower streamers by granting them the ability to block banned users from accessing their streams. The revelation was made by none other than Senior Product Manager Trevor Fisher during Twitch’s Patch Notes podcast (as reported by TechCrunch). Fisher took the opportunity to emphasize that this feature won’t be activated by default, putting the decision-making power firmly in the hands of the streamers themselves. The eagerly awaited blocking functionality is slated to make its debut in the coming weeks.

So, how does this nifty new tool operate, you ask? Well, according to Fisher, if you decide to ban a user who happens to be watching your stream at that moment, their stream playback will come to an abrupt halt. Poof! Just like that, their viewing privileges vanish into thin air. But the magic doesn’t stop there. If you decide to grace your followers with another riveting broadcast after the initial encounter, those who found themselves on the wrong side of your banhammer will find themselves out of luck yet again – they won’t be able to catch any of your subsequent streams until you extend them the virtual olive branch by un-banning them. And here’s the kicker: Whether it’s you, the charismatic streamer, or one of your trusty moderators who brings down the banhammer, the result is the same – no stream access until the ban is lifted.

Of course, every new power comes with its own kryptonite, and this feature is no exception. Brace yourself for this reality check: The blocking prowess only applies to logged-in users. Sorry, stealthy viewers hiding in the shadows of guest mode – you’re not affected. While Twitch hasn’t embarked on the grand adventure of blocking IP addresses (at least not for now), this leaves the door open for a noteworthy exception.

Fisher, ever the candid voice, wanted to ensure everyone understood the scale of this change. It’s an incremental step toward improving the platform’s moderation landscape, which has seen its fair share of turbulence, from allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct to other forms of unpalatable behavior. Amidst this chaotic backdrop, Twitch has implemented various measures to combat the issue. These include introducing an anti-harassment tool that’s just a button-press away, refining their reporting and appeals process, rewriting community policies for added clarity, and adopting a firmer stance against those pesky deepfakes. Fisher’s perspective on this ongoing journey? Twitch acknowledges the call for more comprehensive action and is methodically tackling each layer of the problem in turn.

In essence, the upcoming feature is akin to wielding a virtual banhammer with newfound finesse, allowing streamers to maintain a level of control over who gets the privilege of tuning in. It’s a step in the right direction, even though it’s not the full solution to all of Twitch’s moderation challenges. So, there you have it – a slice of the ever-evolving Twitch saga, now with a dash of ban-ishment bravado. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, with great streaming power comes great moderation responsibility!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Stream Moderation

What is the new feature announced by Twitch for streamers?

Twitch has introduced a new feature that empowers streamers to block users who have been banned from accessing their streams.

How does the blocking feature work?

When a streamer bans a user who is currently watching their stream, the user’s stream playback will be interrupted immediately. This prevents them from viewing the ongoing stream. Additionally, banned users won’t be able to watch any subsequent streams by that streamer until they are unbanned.

Who can initiate the ban, and does it make a difference?

Both the streamer and their moderators have the power to ban users. Regardless of who issues the ban, the result is the same – the banned user loses access to the stream until the ban is lifted.

Are there any limitations to the new feature?

Yes, the new blocking feature only applies to logged-in users. Users who are viewing a stream while logged out of their accounts can still watch the content. Twitch has not implemented IP address blocking, leaving a potential loophole for these viewers.

What problem does this new feature address?

The new feature is a step toward addressing Twitch’s moderation issues. These issues include harassment, abuse, and misconduct on the platform. While not a complete solution, it gives streamers more control over who can access their content.

How does this feature fit into Twitch’s broader approach to moderation?

Twitch has been implementing a range of measures to address moderation challenges, including adding an anti-harassment tool, enhancing reporting processes, clarifying community policies, and taking a stance against deepfakes. The new blocking feature is part of Twitch’s incremental approach to tackling these problems.

Does this feature have a broader impact on the Twitch community?

Yes, the feature reflects Twitch’s commitment to creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for users. It empowers streamers to have greater control over their content and audience, contributing to a more positive streaming experience.

When will the new blocking feature be available?

Twitch has announced that the new blocking feature will roll out in the next few weeks. Streamers can look forward to utilizing this tool to enhance their stream moderation capabilities.

Is this new feature the ultimate solution to Twitch’s moderation challenges?

While the new blocking feature is a positive step, it is not the sole solution to all of Twitch’s moderation challenges. Twitch acknowledges the need for comprehensive action and is continuously working on various aspects of moderation to create a safer platform for all users.

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