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Twitter Announces Free Tier for Bots: What You Need to Know About the New API Pricing

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Twitter recently announced more information about its new API, after earlier on deciding to remove some of its developer functions. They also shared the cost for using this new API.

Twitter is offering a free tier with some basic features. This plan is mainly for people who build bots, but it has a few limitations. With this plan you can share up to 1,500 tweets in one month. However, some people might need more than that as they often post more than 50 tweets each day.

The new “basic” tier costs $100 per month. With this plan, you can post 3,000 tweets with your user profile, and 50,000 tweets from the app level. You can also read up to 10,000 tweets each month – which is much less than before.

Twitter offers “enterprise tier” access to businesses. This level of access is for businesses that need a higher level of use than the average user. The enterprise tier includes more features and can be applied for online, but there are only monthly subscription tiers in terms of pricing.

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It’s uncertain what will happen to people like researchers and professors who use Twitter’s API (a type of programming) for their jobs. Twitter said it wants to keep helping this group, but they didn’t explain how. Wired magazine reported that if organizations want continued access, they may need to pay around $42,000 each month, but no one has done so yet.

Twitter has new policies which will affect how services work. In the next 30 days, old APIs that are used by many people for their projects, research and other activities will no longer function. Twitter wants everyone to switch over to their new API tiers as soon as possible so there isn’t any disruption. They don’t know how many developers will choose to buy the new APIs though.

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