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Twitter Bug Catches Out Private Circle Tweeters

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Be aware that your private tweets may not stay within the usual group of friends you post to. Apparently, there is a bug which makes your posts visible to people outside of your Circle. Some might even see what you posted, who don’t know you at all! This could affect you if you talk about something sensitive or if you just want to avoid unwanted attention from others.

Twitter isn’t saying anything cause they don’t have anyone to talk to you about it. The creator of Twitter, Theo Brown, said that Circle tweets may be ending up in their recommendation system and then sent to other users even though they’re not supposed to.

For several months, it has been possible to share tweets with anyone even when they weren’t meant to be seen. On some occasions, posts that were supposed to stay private didn’t have a label showing this. This means you can’t trust that the post will remain private.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, many of its employees have been let go and it has had some big problems with things like outages and changes to how their API works. This is happening at a time when Twitter apparently isn’t doing so hot in terms of getting advertisers and making money. All this is bad news for them and us as users.

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