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Unbelievable! The Stem Player Pocket-sized Remixer Adds Unreleased J Dilla Tracks

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Kano’s Stem Player is a tool that looks like an ice hockey puck and gives you the ability to remix music. It originally started out when Kanye West joined in on the project, but now it has teamed up with J Dilla’s estate too! With this extra content, users will be able to mix around J Dilla beats chosen by his mom, Ma Dukes!

Stem Player has 20 new songs that haven’t been released before, so your creations will become the main version. But don’t expect music from famous J Dilla albums like Donuts and Champion Sound. Unfortunately, no songs he made for other groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest are available either. All of this stuff is due to rights issues.

Stem Player just released an update that includes tracks from musicians like Flea and Salaam Remi, but the main focus is on J Dilla. His mom even participated in a discussion about his legacy! Plus, Stem player is also working on a documentary about him and released a green skin for the player as an homage.

The Stem Player is a puck-shaped device which has physical buttons that allow you to mix and rearrange different parts of a music track. The ‘stems’ are the base layers of the song and using this device, you can change how much each stem is heard in the overall track. This gadget works with the original recordings made by artists – it won’t try to guess how they were mixed up separately. Using this tool will give better control over your music and create more accurate mixes.

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Kano is releasing some really cool stuff, like a projector for remixing visuals and a headphone-building kit. Plus, they’ve brought popular rapper Ghostface Killah on board too! Also, you can get all of the music from J Dilla with their Stem Player which costs $200, plus another $30 for a custom green skin to go along with it.

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