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Unlock the Power of Windows 11 with the New File Explorer ‘Gallery’ View

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Microsoft is making it simpler to see your photos in File Explorer. The latest Windows 11 update released today allows you to use a new feature called Gallery. This lets you look at the pictures from the Photos app together with folders and files that you opened up!

Windows Insider just released a new feature called Gallery view, which can be accessed from the menu of the File Explorer. When you select it, you’ll be able to see thumbnails of pictures similar to the All Photos in your Photos app. Microsoft also says that this is helpful for seeing all your recent photos taken with your phone – if OneDrive Camera Roll Backup is enabled – as they will show up first!

Gallery makes it easy to find images from any folder you choose. You can even filter your content, such as backgrounds and pictures from your camera or SD card, into different sub-folders. Also, Gallery will appear when you’re picking files for emails, PowerPoint presentations or social posts which should make things a lot easier!

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature called Windows 11 file-picker gallery, but it won’t happen all at once. They are monitoring how people like and react to this feature before making it available for everyone. It might eventually become part of the stable release, or it could get removed if people don’t respond positively to it.

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