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Unlock the Power of Your iPhone: 13 Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

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For the last six months, you have had the opportunity to use iOS 16 on your iPhone. Even after all this time, there are still new functions and settings that aren’t as well-known but they are worth investigating if you want to know everything about your iPhone. You may already know popular features like being able to remove messages or clipping pictures, but there’s more out there!

I’m going to explain how you can benefit from the amazing hidden features of iOS 16, like secret photo albums that require a password for access, easily finding wireless internet passwords and more. Be sure to also read up on wonderful new benefits of iOS 16, but beware of any features that are not desirable since there is a way to solve them.

Easily Reveal and Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Apple Devices!

Apple had a feature for iOS users which let them share Wi-Fi passwords, but only between two Apple devices close together. If it didn’t work by itself, then it was not possible to figure out the password from settings. Before now, if you wanted to give someone else (like an Android user or on a computer), the saved Wi-Fi password, then you would have to remember it yourself.

To view your Wi-Fi password, open Settings and go to theWi-Fi page. You should see the network name you want to retrieve the password for. Tap on the tiny information icon next to it, then tap on Password and use Face ID or enter your passcode. Your password will be revealed, you can then tap Copy to save it into your clipboard and share it with others.You can only find passwords for networks that you’ve connected to in the past or what’s within reach of My Networks.

Pictures taken by Nelson Aguilar and posted on CNET.

Free Up space on your device with iOS 16’s Duplicates Album!

Are your photos and videos taking up too much space on your device? iOS 16 makes it easy to delete all the duplicates that might be clogging up your folders. So if you’ve saved the same pictures more than once, this new system will help you make sure none of them are wasted!

Open the Photos app on your device and take a look at Albums. You should see a new Duplicates album under Utilities which contains all your photos that you have saved more than once. Now, you can choose to delete any duplicates or use the Merge function. The Merge function will keep the photo with the highest quality and move the rest of them to trash. That way, you always have the clear and best quality version of each photo.

If you want to make sure that all the photos and videos are the same, you can go through each set of similar ones. Or, an easier way is to select them all at once and then merge them together, so that Apple will delete each duplicate photo or video.

End Calls the Easy Way

Siri can help you do lots of things, like sending a text, giving directions and playing songs. But it was never possible for Siri to end a phone call – until now with iOS 16!

Open the Settings on your device and then find the Siri & Search section. Check if Listen for ‘Hey Siri’ is turned on. If so, you should see another option below it named Call Hang Up. Enable this option. Now whenever you are making a phone call or voice chat on FaceTime, just say “Hey Siri” and ask her to hang up your current call.

Remember that ‘Listen for ‘Hey Siri” must be switched on first in order to make this work!

Play the Best Mobile Games with Your Favorite Console Controllers!

Apple allows you to use controllers from PS5 Sony DualSense, Xbox Core Controller and other consoles with your iPhone and iPad. You can then use these controllers to play mobile games like Apple Arcade library, Minecraft and Call of Duty in a more comfortable way.

If you’re an owner of a Nintendo Switch, you can connect your Joy-Con controllers to your iPhone or iPad that has iOS 16. All you have to do is press down on the small black button located on the Joy-Con until two green lights start flickering back and forth. This indicates that it’s in pairing mode. Then, open your phone settings, go to Bluetooth and select the Joy-Con from the list. Repeat this step for the other Joy-Con controller.

Lock Your Private Photos & Videos with iOS 16’s New Feature!

The “Hidden” album in the Photos app isn’t actually hidden – anybody can find it on your phone. That means it won’t be very good at keeping private photos and videos safe. Even if you set up an option to make the Hidden album invisible, someone with access to your phone could still make it visible again and see what’s inside.

Good news – iOS 16 has a really cool feature that allows you to lock the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums. You just need to open the Photos app, go to the Albums tab at the bottom of your screen, and look for the tiny lock next to these albums. If you want to get into them, you’ll have to use Face ID or your passcode as an extra security measure.

Pictures taken by Nelson Aguilar on CNET.

“Copy Edited Photos and Videos Instantly with the Photos App!”

If you use the Photos app’s editor tool, you will be glad to know that now you can copy and paste your editing job like saturation, contrast, and brightness from one photo or video to another. So if you have successfully edited a photo/video and are happy with how it looks then you can immediately apply all these same edits on any other photo or video from your camera roll!

Open the Photos app and then select a picture you have already edited. You’ll see three dots on the top right side of your screen – tap them, then hit “Copy Edits”. This will only work if your photo has been edited in Photos and not any other app. Now go to the photo you wish to edit and tap on the three dots again, then press “Paste Edits”. Watch as all of your edits appear on the new picture within seconds!

You can also use this feature with videos too!

These pictures were taken by Nelson Aguilar, who works with CNET.

“Give Your Words an Emoji Boost

Siri has always been able to write text messages and emails by listening to our words, but with iOS 16 we can do something new. We can now use our voices to add emojis! As long as you know the name of the emoji you want, just say it out loud – like “face with tears of joy emoji” or “red heart emoji” and Siri will insert them into your message.

At the bottom right corner of your iPhone keyboard you can use the dictation feature with a microphone icon. This means you can say the emoji name which will then appear on the screen when writing in a note or caption, for example on Instagram. You can also ask Siri to send an emoji, instead of manually typing them in using the dictation feature.

Feel the Buzz with Haptic Keyboard Feedback on Your iPhone!

Your iPhone has something called haptic feedback that you can feel when you try to delete an app or type the wrong password. Until recently, it wasn’t available on the standard iOS keyboard – but now it is!

If you want to feel a small vibration every time you type on your phone, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and switch “Haptic” on. You may also notice a loud clacking sound when typing, but that can be turned off so leave it disabled. With this setting enabled you will feel a tiny vibration each time you type something.

Easily Find What You Need with Pinned Tabs on Safari!

Safari has quite a few open tabs and too many tabs can make it hard to find the one you’re looking for. Instead of scrolling through, there’s a better way to quickly find what you need.

If you press down on an open tab in Safari, you’ll see an option to ‘Pin Tab’. This will move that tab to the very top of Safari where it’ll stay there as a tiny icon. You can tap that icon at any time to view the content for which it’s pinned. If you unpin this tab, it’ll return back to your grid of open tabs.

All the pinned tabs (those with the tiny icons) appear at the top of Safari.

Unlock Your iPhone Easily in Landscape Orientation with iOS 16 and iPhone 13 or 14!

Have you ever noticed when you’re lying on your side, that unlocking your iPhone doesn’t work? This is because Face ID won’t work unless the phone is placed in portrait orientation. However, with iOS 16 and an iPhone 13 or 14, Face ID will now be able to unlock your phone while it’s in landscape orientation!

Bye-Bye Screenshots

In iOS 16, you don’t need to save screenshots in your photo album if you want to share it with someone else. After you take a screenshot, tap the preview and hit Done on the top-right corner of your screen; this will give you an option to copy the screenshot and delete it right away. And by doing so, you can easily paste it onto other applications without taking up extra phone storage.

Nelson Aguilar took screenshots of CNET!

“iOS 16

Starting from iOS 10, you can get rid of certain apps that come pre-installed with your iPhone such as Stocks, Maps and Calculator. With the new update to iOS 16, there are three more apps you can delete: Find My, Clock and Health. But keep in mind that deleting any of these could cause problems with other apps or devices like an Apple Watch.

Get Siri to Listen with Just a Few Simple Steps!

If you feel that Siri is not completely listening to what you say, then there is a way to fix this. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and choose either ‘Longer’ or ‘Longest’. See which one works better for you so that the voice assistant can catch everything in your conversation – without interrupting you.

If you want to know more about iPhone and iOS 16, have a look at our iOS 16 cheat sheet. It was published on July 16, 2022 at 4 in the morning PST.

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