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Verified Status Concealment Now Available for X Blue Members

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Twitter Blue, now known as “X Blue”, initially promised its subscribers the privilege of a blue checkmark — a status symbol on the platform — to anyone who subscribed to their service. However, in recent months, these subscribers faced criticism for their willingness to pay a monthly fee of $8 or an annual subscription of $84 for the service. As TechCrunch reports, the company has responded to this by updating their support page for X Blue, introducing a new feature that allows subscribers to make their verification badge invisible.

This new option “Hide your blue checkmark” can be found in the “Profile customization” section of account settings, and can be activated by subscribers at will. Once turned on, the verification badge will disappear from their profiles and won’t be visible beside their usernames on posts. However, the company issued a cautionary note stating that the badge might still be visible in some areas and that certain features may become unavailable when the badge is hidden. The company didn’t clarify which features would be impacted, but since Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter has been introducing a range of new adjustments designed specifically for paid members.

Twitter has upped the post limit for paid users to 25,000 characters and is in the process of developing tools for publishing long-form content. It has also increased the video duration limit to three hours. In contrast, the platform’s allure for non-paying users has been waning. In July, it declared a cap on the number of Direct Messages non-subscribers can send in an effort to curb spam and had earlier imposed a rigid limit on the number of tweets viewable per day due to “extreme levels of data scraping”. While this limitation was temporary, unverified accounts were initially restricted to viewing 600 posts a day.

The hidden verification feature was first observed in March by app developer Alessandro Paluzzi. Paluzzi’s shared screenshots confirm that the verification process remains unchanged, requiring users to provide government-issued ID for identity verification. However, it won’t be immediately apparent that a user is a paying subscriber to X Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about X Blue Verification Hide Feature

What is the new feature available for X Blue subscribers?

X Blue subscribers can now choose to hide their blue verification checkmark on their profiles and next to their usernames on posts. This feature can be activated under the “Profile customization” section in account settings.

Why has X Blue introduced the feature to hide the verification checkmark?

This feature was introduced in response to criticism faced by subscribers for paying for the blue checkmark status symbol. The new feature allows subscribers to make their verification badge invisible to avoid potential shaming.

Will hiding the checkmark affect any other features for X Blue subscribers?

Yes, according to the company, hiding the checkmark could make some features unavailable. However, the company has not specified which features might be affected by this change.

Has Twitter rolled out other changes for paying users?

Yes, Twitter has made several changes specifically for paying users. It has increased the post limit for paid users to 25,000 characters, introduced tools for publishing long-form content, and expanded their video limit to 3 hours.

What are the changes Twitter has introduced for non-paying users?

For non-paying users, Twitter has limited the number of DMs they can send to limit spam. It has also temporarily put a cap on how many tweets a day a user can view due to “extreme levels of data scraping.”

How is the verification process for X Blue subscribers?

The verification process for X Blue subscribers remains the same. Users are required to submit a government ID to authenticate their identities, regardless of whether they choose to display or hide their blue checkmark.

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