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Vigilante Coders Erase Stalkerware From 75,000 Smartphones

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Vigilante Hackers

Self-proclaimed hackers assert that they infiltrated the servers of spyware company WebDetetive to eliminate data, thereby safeguarding individuals from unwarranted spying, according to a report by TechCrunch this weekend. Those utilizing the invasive software will no longer receive any fresh information from their surveilled targets. In a note procured by TechCrunch, the hackers tersely stated, “Because #fuckstalkerware.”

Spyware programs offer an unbridled gateway to another person’s electronic device. This could range from a government agency spying on its citizens to an individual stalker tracking a victim. The spyware boasts features that allow for extensive monitoring, including keystroke logging, eavesdropping on phone conversations, and real-time location tracking—all for the price of “less than a cup of coffee.” The software operates covertly, disguising itself through a downloadable app that eludes detection while granting total device control. The security breach at WebDetetive affected upwards of 76,000 devices that had the stalkerware installed, and led to the liberation of more than 1.5 gigabytes of data from the company’s servers, as claimed by the hackers.

Although TechCrunch could not independently corroborate the hackers’ claim of data removal from WebDetetive’s servers, they did obtain a sample of data from the hackers that offered a glimpse into the extent of their activities. TechCrunch also collaborated with a nonprofit organization specializing in monitoring exposed data, known as DDoSecrets, to validate and scrutinize the acquired information. The hackers were able to gather data on the customers of WebDetetive, including their IP addresses and the devices they had targeted for surveillance.

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