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Walmart’s Major Expansion into EV Charging Network: What You Need to Know

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Walmart recently said they are adding a lot of electric vehicle charging stations to their Walmart and Sam’s Club stores all over the country. They plan to finish installing them by 2030.

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have about 5,300 locations across the country. Some of these will join a network for electric vehicle fast charging stations – there are already 1,300 EV fast chargers at over 280 different stores. The company won’t tell us exactly how many locations will get these new stations though!

Vishal Kapadia, an executive at Walmart, says that nearly all Americans living in rural, suburban or urban areas are within 10 miles of a store or club owned by Walmart. This makes it very easy to get access to charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). According to him, this convenience could encourage more people to buy EVs and make them less hesitant.

Walmart is still looking for companies that can provide energy for their stores. They have already had deals with EVgo and VW’s Electrify America. Every store will get four chargers, and Walmart promises to keep the prices of these chargers low, but they haven’t said how much they’ll actually cost.

Walmart is determined to be more eco-friendly in both big and small ways. As part of this effort, Walmart plans to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Furthermore, they plan to make all their delivery vehicles run with zero emissions by 2040. Also, they have already begun using some electric vehicles for deliveries.

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