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“Why ‘The Last of Us Part I’ for PC Was Such a Buggy Mess at Launch”

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Yesterday, The Last of Us Part I launched on PC but it’s been a huge disappointment. Thousands of reviews on Steam are mostly negative and people have complained about the game continuously crashing and not performing well with their PCs. It also takes way too long for the game to compile all its shaders when starting for the first time and even after this, there are still issues with performance.

I don’t have a super strong gaming computer, but I do have a Steam Deck. After the game was installed and I waited for about 90 minutes for some stuff to be ready, I tried out the Left Behind DLC. Unfortunately, when it started up, my game crashed. When I played it, the Steam Deck’s memory (called VRAM) was being used up way too much – like 102 percent! To fix this issue and stop future crashes, I had to lower all my graphics settings. Unfortunately, since I only got to play for a few minutes it’s hard to say what will happen when you’re trying to fight off enemies.

After the first publication of this story, Naughty Dog released a patch for some of the stability problems in their game. They didn’t provide many specifics but promised more updates soon. I tried the beginning of the game on the Steam Deck and it ran quite well, with little bumps here and there. Things seem to be getting better, even when I set my frame rate to 40fps at medium graphics.

Sony didn’t give out any demo codes before the release of The Last of Us Part I, which usually means the game isn’t in great shape. This made me a bit worried about how it would turn out and it seems like my worries were right.

Developer Naughty Dog is trying to solve some problems reported by people who play their game. They tweeted that they are looking into it and they have a “known issues” page where they took note of some troubles like having trouble with the graphics, difficulty in making the game run correctly even when all requirements are met, and a bad memory issue.

Sony released some of their most popular PlayStation games on the PC, like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Uncharted Collection – which includes a remastered version of Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy. When they first came out though, many players had trouble getting them to work perfectly. But luckily, updates have been made since then which fixed the issues and improved overall performance.

The release of The Last of Us Part I was due to be March 3rd but it got pushed back. This is probably a good thing since if Sony had released it on its original launch date, no one would have been able to play it. Naughty Dog didn’t give any updates yet but we swear on keeping an eye out for them so the game will work well on PC and in general. People were excited when they announced that this game was going to be available on-the-go and we are hoping that Naughty Dog can make our dreams come true!

Today at 3:25 PM, we have new information about a patch that Naughty Dog just released. This patch is to help fix some of the performance problems people have been having with the game. At 4:20 PM, we also got news on how this game runs now on Steam Deck after the patch.

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