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Withings Unveils ScanWatch 2 With Enhanced Health Monitoring, Plus a Budget-Friendly Version

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If the notion of a smartwatch sends you running, but a “smart watch” sounds more like your cup of tea, look no further than Withings. For a solid ten years, the company has been churning out elegantly designed hybrid watches that could easily be mistaken for vintage Swiss timepieces by the casual observer. Three years since the original ScanWatch hit the market, Withings is back at it again, introducing the ScanWatch 2 and its more budget-conscious cousin, the ScanWatch Light, which honestly isn’t turning any heads.

In terms of advancements, the ScanWatch 2 makes modest strides. It comes equipped with a novel body temperature sensor designed to flag early symptoms of illness. Apart from that, existing sensors have undergone tweaks for enhanced precision and energy efficiency. That’s essentially the long and short of it hardware-wise. The software now allows for menstrual cycle tracking, which will, after several months, begin offering predictive insights. Surprisingly, this feature doesn’t synergize with the new temperature monitoring capabilities.

Visually, it’s more or less a blast from the past. Design-wise, the new offerings still sport the familiar elements we saw in their predecessor. Choices between a 38mm and 42mm body remain, as do options for thick or thin bezels and black or white faces on steel bodies. If you’re into the rose gold variant, you can select between a stone or dark blue face and band ensemble, just like you could before. No Horizon version is in sight, which would house the tech in a diver’s watch chassis, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year.

In defense of Withings, it’s challenging to reinvent the wheel—especially when the wheel was pretty darn round to begin with. A few orbits of the sun ago, I pointed out that there’s a finite amount of biometric data that can realistically be gathered from one’s wrist. So, before you knock the ScanWatch 2 for not bursting at the seams with new features, consider that Withings nailed it the first time around. It’s still the same elegant combination of analog and digital readouts, superior health tracking, and a battery that seemingly never dies. Not to overlook Health Mate, which continues to reign supreme in the fitness-tracking ecosystem.

However, introducing period tracking opens a can of worms, especially for users residing in a post-Roe America where such sensitive data could potentially be weaponized. On the data security front, Withings assures us via BuyTechBlog that customer information is stored with a France-based service provider, complying with EU laws. While backups do exist on Google Cloud, these are encrypted and Withings holds the sole decryption key. Whether this is adequate protection under the U.S. CLOUD Act remains an open question.

As for the ScanWatch Light, think of it as the ScanWatch, but on a diet. It handles basic health metrics like activity, sleep, and heart rate, but omits some of the fancier features like ECG, SpO2, and the newly added temperature sensor. In addition, the swanky Sapphire Glass has been swapped out for the more pedestrian Gorilla Glass, accompanied by a less accurate accelerometer. Given the price tags, if budget is your concern, you might be better off hunting down a discounted first-gen ScanWatch. It’s almost as if Withings wants this entry-level option to serve as a not-so-subtle advertisement for its more feature-rich sibling.

Starting today, both the ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light are up for grabs through pre-orders, with shipping anticipated to kick off in October. Pricing begins at $349.95 for the ScanWatch 2 (38mm model) and $249.95 for the more diminutive ScanWatch Light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Smartwatch Innovations

What are the key features of Withings’ ScanWatch 2?

The ScanWatch 2 boasts a new body temperature sensor for early illness detection, improved health sensors, menstrual cycle tracking, elegant design, and outstanding battery life.

What’s the difference between ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light?

ScanWatch 2 comes with advanced health features like temperature tracking, while ScanWatch Light offers basic monitoring without temperature, ECG, and SpO2 tools.

How does ScanWatch 2 enhance health tracking?

With its temperature sensor, ScanWatch 2 identifies potential health issues early. Its improved sensors offer precise data, and it even tracks menstrual cycles.

What sets Withings apart in the smartwatch market?

Withings blends classic watch aesthetics with modern tech. Its ScanWatch line combines style, health tracking, and extended battery life for a unique experience.

Is user data secure on ScanWatch 2?

Withings stores customer data with a France-based provider adhering to EU law. Backups on Google Cloud are encrypted, and only Withings can decrypt them, ensuring data protection.

When can I get my hands on ScanWatch 2 or ScanWatch Light?

Both models are available for pre-order now, with shipping starting in October. ScanWatch 2 begins at $349.95, while ScanWatch Light starts at $249.95.

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