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X Premium Users Can Now Conceal Their Liked Content

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If you happen to be a premium subscriber to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, you’re in for a treat – you now have the power to keep your liked content hidden from prying eyes, as announced by the company in a recent tweet.

With this new feature enabled, the likes tab on an X Premium user’s profile will vanish into thin air. To get in on this digital cloak of invisibility, you simply need to tweak your preferences during the early access phase.

Now, before you rush off to activate this nifty feature, be prepared to make a pit stop at your privacy settings. Click on the provided link and navigate to the “Content and social-media partners” setting to make the necessary adjustments.

Why is X making this move, you ask? Well, it’s the latest in a series of strategic maneuvers by Musk’s X to lure in more paying patrons. Given that the company’s US advertising revenue has plummeted by a staggering 60 percent, it’s clear they’re leaving no stone unturned to attract subscribers. Moreover, this feature serves as a lifeline for premium users who may want to keep their more questionable likes under wraps. It’s all about maintaining that pristine online image, after all.

And the best part? You can join the premium club for a mere $8 per month or snag a yearly membership at $84, which not only grants you access to these cutting-edge features but also that coveted blue check mark of authenticity.

In the wake of this announcement, we might witness a surge in public figures and officials jumping on the X premium bandwagon. After all, history has shown us that politicians like Ted Cruz have faced their fair share of PR crises due to their public likes. Who could forget the infamous incident in 2017 when Cruz’s account “hearted” a rather unsavory video clip, sending the internet into a frenzy of hilarity?

In conclusion, X’s move to allow premium users to keep their likes hidden is a smart play to retain and attract subscribers while also sparing them from the occasional digital embarrassment. So, go ahead, embrace the cloak of secrecy, and continue scrolling through your feed with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Online Privacy

What is X Premium’s new feature for hiding likes?

X Premium now allows its subscribers to hide their liked content on their profiles. This feature enables users to keep their online activity private.

How do I enable the feature to hide my likes on X Premium?

To enable this feature, navigate to your preferences during the early access phase. You’ll find an option to hide your likes, ensuring that they won’t be visible to others.

Why is X introducing this feature?

X is introducing this feature as part of its efforts to attract more subscribers, especially in light of a significant drop in US advertising revenue. It also offers premium users the ability to maintain a more polished online image by concealing potentially controversial likes.

How much does X Premium membership cost?

X Premium membership is available at two price points: $8 per month or $84 per year. Subscribers not only gain access to features like hiding likes but also receive the coveted blue check mark.

Can I hide my likes on X Premium to avoid public embarrassment?

Yes, this feature allows you to hide your likes, reducing the chances of public embarrassment, especially if you accidentally like content that you’d rather keep private.

Are public figures and officials likely to join X Premium after this announcement?

It’s possible that more public figures and officials may choose to subscribe to X Premium following this announcement. Past incidents, such as Ted Cruz’s public like mishap, have highlighted the need for online discretion among public figures.

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GeekyGuy91 September 15, 2023 - 11:47 am

wow, this new feature’s awesome. no more embarrasment when u like weird stuff! sign me up!

MusicLover77 September 15, 2023 - 1:43 pm

X’s ad rev down by 60%? serious? but the blue check mark’s tempting! prem member 4 sure!

SportsFanatic12 September 15, 2023 - 3:14 pm

Hiding likes = online MVP move! no more accidental likes in the public eye. Yay X Premium!

MovieBuff45 September 15, 2023 - 4:37 pm

So, peeps can hide their likes now? good move X, save us from online awkwrd moments!

TechNerd23 September 15, 2023 - 9:07 pm

X Premium’s got ur back now, great for ppl like Ted Cruz’s mess! im in, how to enablen?


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