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YouTube test threatens to block viewers if they continue using ad blockers

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YouTube is taking a more assertive stance against viewers who use ad blockers while watching videos on its platform. Reports indicate that users have been sharing screenshots on social media platforms like Reddit, revealing a pop-up notification that warns them their video player will be blocked after three videos.

The warning explicitly states that YouTube will prevent users from playing videos on the platform unless they disable their ad blocker or add the website to their whitelist. It emphasizes that ads enable YouTube to remain free for billions of users globally. To enjoy an ad-free experience, YouTube suggests obtaining a YouTube Premium subscription to ensure creators still receive compensation. Previously, YouTube only displayed pop-up reminders to users with ad blockers, informing them that such behavior violated the website’s terms of service. Eventually, a timer was added to these notices to ensure viewers took the time to read them.

BleepingComputer has confirmed with YouTube that these new alerts are part of an experimental phase. A spokesperson clarified that YouTube is conducting a small-scale global experiment, urging viewers with enabled ad blockers to either permit ads on YouTube or consider subscribing to YouTube Premium. They noted that in extreme cases, where viewers persistently use ad blockers, YouTube may temporarily disable video playback. However, it remains uncertain whether YouTube will immediately block playback after three videos or provide additional opportunities for compliance if viewers disregard repeated requests to allow ads.

Currently, this approach only affects a limited number of users, and YouTube has not disclosed the exact scale or regions involved in the test. Considering the decline in ad revenue over the past three quarters, YouTube may expand this experiment to more users worldwide if it proves to be effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ad blockers

Q: What is YouTube’s approach towards viewers using ad blockers?

A: YouTube is taking a more aggressive approach by warning viewers that their video player may be blocked if they continue to use ad blockers. They encourage users to disable the ad blocker or add the website to their whitelist.

Q: How does YouTube suggest going ad-free?

A: YouTube suggests getting a YouTube Premium subscription, which provides an ad-free experience for viewers. This subscription ensures that creators still receive compensation for their content.

Q: Why is YouTube running this experiment?

A: YouTube is conducting this experiment globally to encourage viewers with ad blockers enabled to either allow ads on YouTube or consider subscribing to YouTube Premium. The aim is to address the decline in ad revenue and find effective solutions.

Q: Will YouTube immediately block video playback after three videos for users with ad blockers?

A: It is unclear whether YouTube will automatically block playback after a viewer watches three videos. However, YouTube mentioned that they will only disable playback in extreme cases where viewers consistently ignore requests to allow ads.

Q: How many users are currently affected by this experiment?

A: YouTube has not disclosed the exact number of users or regions involved in the test. Currently, it only affects a small number of users, but it may expand to more users worldwide if proven effective.

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CatVideoAddict June 30, 2023 - 11:50 pm

Seriously, yutube?! u want us to stop usin’ ad blockers? they r annoyin’! i saw some pop-up warnin’ screenies on reddit. they threaten to block our playrs if we don’t turn off ad block or whitelist their site. they want us to get their premium sub so creators can still get paid. guess they losin’ money on ads. i hope they don’t block me afta watchin’ 3 vids!

YouTubeLover22 July 1, 2023 - 6:26 am

omg, yutube gettin’ all aggresive now! they want ppl to stop usin’ ad blockers while watchin’ vids on their site! i saw ppl sharin’ screenies on reddit showin’ a warnin’ sayin’ their playr will get blocked afta 3 vids. they want us to turn off ad block or add site to white list. ads pay for all of us to use yutube for free, so they say. they pushin’ their premium sub too. wonder how many ppls affected by this, hope it don’t expand to everyone!

TechGuru2023 July 1, 2023 - 8:31 am

Yutube is rampin’ up its efforts to combat ad blockers. I stumbled upon some screenies on reddit, showin’ a notificashun that warns viewers about the risk of their playr bein’ blocked after watchin’ 3 vids. Yutube wants us to disable ad blockers or whitelist the site. They emphasize that ads keep yutube free for billions of users and suggest gettin’ their premium sub for an ad-free experience. It’s unclear how many ppl are part of this test, but it’s interestin’ to see how it pans out for them.


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